Stuck at a plateau despite good rate of loss

Can anyone advise me where I’m going wrong? Despite having a high deficit for the last 3 weeks I seemed to have plateaued at around 138lbs.

I weigh and measure all foods, and use a Fitbit HR to exercise. I’m 5ft 2, 28 and have a desk job so I make sure to exercise almost daily (one rest day). I usually eat around 1500cals.


  • LaurenAOK
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    How accurate has your fitbit been in the past with your rate of loss vs. what you expected? It could be overestimating your burn and therefore your deficit. Are you weighing and measuring all your food?

    I'm a 5'4", 28 year old female and I would lose weight very slowly on 1500 a day, if at all. I exercise at least once a day but I also have a desk job. Even with getting 10,000 steps in every day I find that I have to eat around 1200-1300 for a consistent loss.

    Keep at it for another week; plateaus do happen, and you may see a "whoosh" soon. But if you go a solid month without any weight loss something is up. You are either overestimating your daily burn or underestimating your calorie consumption.
  • Panini911
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    when did you start weighing food?
    what was your weight then?
    what is your weight now?
    how long have you been static at one single weight?

    I also recommend weighing all foods. avoid measuring.