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C25K success stories? I want to see your pictures!



  • asalembier
    asalembier Posts: 124 Member
    I started in May of this year, and found I couldn't do it, even a modified version as my neighbourhood was all uphill, and my muscles plus my weight couldn't handle it and after a week or two I gave up because the pain was so bad in my calves and shins that I could barely make it home. I was miserable and hated it.

    In July I moved running to an outdoor track, and I started out with a pre-C25K program. I started with 30 sec of running for the first week, then 45, then went into the actual C25K program at 1 min. Now I am about to finish week 2, running 90 seconds. I have no pain as I really stretch afterwards, and while I am out of breath, I have increased my durance, which for me is huge. I am also finding the weight coming off nicely. I have chosen to eat healthier at 1500 calories, lowered my carbs, increased protein and have lost 15 lbs. I work on my breathing during the run, and sort of do a lamaze breathing which helps me. I am running really slow at a jog until the last run, then I try and push myself to go faster.

    I am proud of my progress, and on days 2 and 3 I push myself harder, with a longer last run, so that I am able to move onto the next week.

    Feel free to add me :)
  • rbn_held
    rbn_held Posts: 682 Member
    I am almost through with week 3 and do find it getting easier. I learned after week 1 that I need to slow down on the running part. I haven't lost anything yet but will probably measure again in another week or so to see if I am lost any inches. I do C25K three times a week, then bike or walk on the off days and then do strength training 3 to 4 times a week. With a rest day in there somewhere too.
  • Gennybunny96
    Gennybunny96 Posts: 69 Member
    Just wanted to touch base to see how you are progressing? I'm on week 4 now and all I can suggest is go slow, make sure you can breath through your nose, be aware of how your stepping and just proceed to the next level before making any suggestions of redoing a week. I was so sure that I would be redoing last week because running for 3 mins seemed, well scary. I did it and felt so proud that I did. I ran a total of 16 mins today and I made it through just fine!! If I can do it, so can you!! 5 mins was my longest run today and when I started, I didn't know if I could do it but I am so proud that I did!! What a NSV!!
  • chris2267
    chris2267 Posts: 57 Member
    I started 4 weeks ago, did week1 for two weeks. Then got a nasty stomachs virus at put me out of commission for a week. Now I'm dog sitting my sister's husky. He thinks a light jog means he had to go all out. Needless to say I have to ease back in. C25K was great when I was doing it. That said I also lowered my total calories from 1500 to 1350 and 80/20 paleo. That has helped move the scale needle.
  • mel_2812
    mel_2812 Posts: 66 Member
    Thanks for all of your replies! I've seen great success stories and it helps me a lot to keep myself motivated!

    Well, I'm proud to say that I have completed Week 2. I am starting Week 3 tonight.
    I find that the last day of the Week seems last day of Week 2, I could go on and on...I didn't feel tired afterwards, like I usually do, I felt great, with an energy boost!

    Let's see how it goes tonight! :)

    When I'm not at the gym doing C25K and other stuff, I push myself to complete a youtube video in my basement. I found a Jullian Michaels video called Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete workout and first time I did it, couldn't go through past the 30 minutes mark. Yesterday, it was hard, and I did 95% of the I think I'm improving.

    Hopefully it gets better with time!
  • mrslcoop
    mrslcoop Posts: 317 Member
    I did the C25K back at the beginning of the year and signed myself up for a couple of 5K’s to really get me motivated to do the program. I never did complete it, but make it through week 6. It’s hard. Really, really hard. You’re training your body to do something you’re not used to. I ran the 5Ks and finished in under 33 minutes which I considered a victory. I took several months off and I’ve decided that I want to take it up a level and try a half marathon next spring. So I’m starting back at the beginning. I started over at week 4 and am currently almost done with week 6. It’s still really hard, but I find myself improving every time I go out for a run. It’s crazy to me that running for 10 minutes used to be hard and now I can go for 20+ without stopping at a 10 min mile.

    I also lift on the other 3 days I work out to maintain and strengthen my muscles. Lifting is a great complement to running and will keep you from being injured.

    It never gets easier. Week 5 day 3 was brutal for me last week. But honestly, where would be the fun in that? After running 2 miles nonstop I felt so good and proud of myself. Keep at it and keep challenging yourself!
  • justaspoonfulofsugar
    justaspoonfulofsugar Posts: 587 Member
    I am at the end of week 5 and unless there is an injury,don't bother repeating.
    It's supposed to be a challenge.As you challenge your body,you will be able to take it farther each week.
    I have done the program before.The best advice is good foot wear and run slow as you can and you will get through it.It's not a speed workout it's a teaching you to run program,speed can be worked out once you get past the program.
    Good luck..I have lots more to lose than you so if I can do it,you will be fine.
    There is also a great support group here for c25k.
  • faith_76
    faith_76 Posts: 199 Member
    I started c25k in April, graduated that and today finished c210k. I can now run 60 min! I still remember week1 day 1 thinking I would die! You can do this! Go slow or you will injure yourself. When I'm feeling like I'm hitting a wall I remind myself to keep moving my feet forward, focus on my breathing, etc. you can do this, look at how far you have already made it.
    As far as weight, I had to buy size 16 jeans at the end of march. A couple weeks ago I had to buy some size 12.
  • _Josee_
    _Josee_ Posts: 625 Member
    I started C25K in march. I couldn't run for more than 5 seconds. The best advice I got at the time was: GO SLOW! I felt like a turtle, but I went slow and succefully graduated in the prescribed time.

    I had just reached goal so I didn't loose weight (actually gained 5 lbs since march, but lost some inches).

    I'm now training for a half marathon (21.1K) that I will be running in less than a month. I did my longuest run EVER yesterday: 18K in 2h07min... STRAIGHT! Not bad for the girl who could go from her porch to the street without wanting to die.

    You can do this! And hopefully you will be hooked to running as I am now! :)
  • wilsoje74
    wilsoje74 Posts: 1,720 Member
    It's great for fitness but to lose weight you need to track your food.
  • Samstan101
    Samstan101 Posts: 699 Member
    I started C25K when I started my lifestyle change towards the end of March weighing 303lbs. Because of my size I took the programme very slowly, only running once a week (on the treadmill at the gym). The rest of the week I used the elliptical trainer or swam or did weights. It took until the the middle of week 4 before it felt like I wasn't going to die. The week 5 session 2 something really weird happened - I found that I enjoyed it!

    On the day I planned on doing wk7 session 2 I woke up early and it was a gorgeous morning so I decided to actually venture outside. (I reckoned it was early & quiet enough I could avoid the shouted fat abuse from moronic teenagers if I'm honest) And I loved it! Running outside was so much nicer and as I'm lucky & live in the countryside there was plenty to look at that meant I wasn't thinking about my breathing or what hurt and fell into a natural rhythm. It wasn't fast or pretty but I completed it and felt good. At that point I decided to ditch the rest of the programme and just run at my own pace either at the gym before work or early in a morning at a weekend. The last couple of weekends I've run 7km (inc 5mins warm up walk & cool down walk) but basically ran, without stopping or walking for about 55mins. I improved my speed this weekend by 35s/mile. I'm still slow but getting quicker, it still hammers my knees but I ice them when I get back. And I found something that I've always hated (even when young & fit and playing a lot of sport) is actually really enjoyable.

    One motivator for me was I promised myself that if I didn't complete a session properly then I would have to redo it. It was a great incentive to manage that last minute or 2 so as to avoid going through it all again! No photos yet as I'm only about a 1/3rd of the way through my weight loss journey but my advise is to stay with the C25K programme it does work and does get easier. Mix it in with other cardio & weights so you keep things interesting and go for it!
  • mrslcoop
    mrslcoop Posts: 317 Member
    I should say, my profile pic is of my mom and I at my first 5K! :happy:
  • kristy6ward
    kristy6ward Posts: 332 Member
    C25k definitely works if you stick with it. I finished the program in february of this year. Just yesterday I completed my first Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) in 1:11:23. My training continues for a half marathon this October. I've definitely been bitten by the running bug.

    The trick to running distance is to go slow, slow enough that you can maintain for the full length of time.

    I only seem to lose weight while running when I mix in weight training.
  • ndblades
    ndblades Posts: 233 Member
    I made it to Week 7, day 2, before I couldn't bare the pain in my hip anymore. I think in my case I was sacrificing form just to keep running. yes, I remember all too well wanting to cry at how out of shape I was, then being embarrassed I was excited I could run 5 minutes. I have just been walking lately to try and heal my hip, I have added some running intervals to work on form, and intend to start all over with C25K and PROPER running form next week! good luck, it is hard, it is supposed to be, you can do it!
  • Jess830409
    Jess830409 Posts: 285 Member
    I have a similar success story with C25K. I started in June of this year and thought I would never be able to run longer than 30 seconds at a time. I have never been a runner and am easily winded. I was also doing the 30 day Shred program at the same time.

    But I stuck with it, and kept progressing and actually graduated at the beginning of August. I have never felt so accomplished before. Running for a full 3.2 miles...amazed myself.

    I enjoy running so much now that I have signed up for my first official 5K - set for September 8th and I am beginning the 10K training. I am having an issue with shin splints currently, which I can only imagine came from increasing intensitiy and running duration.

    A couple of tips:

    - Running is mostly mental - talk yourself into it - keep an "I can do this" attitude and you are already there
    - If you start to feel pain/injury STOP - REST. Don't push thru it or it will make it worse
    - Good fitted running shoes/insoles make the world of difference
    - Have fun - switch up your route/music - whatever keeps you going

    Best of luck!!!
  • karenhughes2013
    karenhughes2013 Posts: 24 Member
    I've just downloaded weeks 1 to 4 today, be great to help each other along with it, feel free to add me :-)
  • BoboGritt
    BoboGritt Posts: 72 Member
    Yes it worked for me. Similar to your situation when I completed week one I looked ahead and thought no way in the world can I be running 20 minutes straight in a few weeks. However, following the program..............when the time came I tried to attempt it with an open heart and open mind and shockingly I was able to do it.

    Now it didn't end up working exactly the way it is written. I am a big dude and I needed to run pretty darn slow. (when I started I was about 290 pounds.) By the time I completed the schedule I could run the 30 minutes but not nearly a 5K. The official one I ran was about 47 minutes. The thing is I have stuck with the running and 5 weeks past the program ending I can now comfortably run a 5K and brought my time down to a still slow 43 minutes but that slow time is something I am extremely proud of bahahahahahaha.

    I would suggest sticking with it. You will surprise yourself and it will feel great. My profile is just after completing my 5K.

    Good luck too you!
  • loghynsmama
    loghynsmama Posts: 4 Member
    I just started the C25K last week. I lost 4 lbs in the first week. Heading out in a few mins for the 4th workout. Hang in there!! It's so worth it!! I love the structure of it . . . not having to think about what I'm doing . . . just listen to the app!
  • mjkanaan
    mjkanaan Posts: 78 Member
    Bump to read at home
  • DesireeNL
    DesireeNL Posts: 220 Member
    I'm currently in the middle of the C25K program. Yeah it's hard, but stick with it, and it will pay off!

    After a long period of basically doing not much at all, I started hiking in April this year. I hike about 3-6 times a month, about 10km/6.2mi at a time. I know that that doesn't make me super active, but at least it's kept me moving on a regular basis.

    I always wear a HRM. My average HR during the first two months was around 150-160. It lowered a little bit to 145-150. My HR always went up quickly after starting the hike, I'd get out of breath all the time and even the smallest hill got me up to 190. I knew I was in terrible shape and even after a couple of months of regular hiking, I didn't feel much improvement.

    I started C25K late July. I've spaced it out a little further apart, taking 2 or 3 rest days in between. It was hard, but doable. You have to pace yourself and you have to push yourself to get through those last minutes. But because the program progresses along with you, I didn't feel much change.

    While doing the C25K, I took a month off from hiking. This week I went on my first hike after starting C25K. I couldn't believe the difference! Average HR 125 on a 140 minute hike. I didn't get out of breath, and even the hills weren't so hard. And this was only after 4 weeks of C25K! This to me is a huge reward, I still can't believe I actually got in better physical shape :noway: lol
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