Anyone doing intermittent fasting

That is it . I just wondered what experiences ppl have of IF...


  • kellyswimmer
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    I am. I only eat between 11 and 7pm. Mainly two meals a day. I am often up at 4am but now dont need to eat until 11am.
  • My window IF 23:1
    I am also OMAD😉
  • PoesiaSagrada
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    8am to 3pm Mon-Thu. My body loves it.
  • GoddessNatalia
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    I just started on Monday July 15th. I am really surprised on how easy it is. NO more sugar cravings! I do 16/8. stop eatting at 8pm until 12pm. I am also a mother of 4.
  • pierinifitness
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    Thanks for sharing everyone. In case you don’t know, we have an Intermittent Fasting Group here at MFP. We’d like to have you join us.

    Lately we’ve had a consistent uptick in MFP members joining who have expressed a desire to know more and have support. Stop by and say hello.
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  • JJordon
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    IF 20:4 Down 8 lbs. in 6 days. Drinking only water for my 20 hour fast.

    Get the Zero app for Android or iPhone to help you schedule your fasting.
  • caitconquersweight
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    I do a minimum of 14:10, but sometimes it's 16:8. Basically as a rule I don't eat before 12PM and don't eat after 10PM. I have a horrible binging issue and I've found skipping breakfast helps me. I also try to drink a minimum of 48oz of water in the morning before lunch. Not all at once I mean, I fill up a 24oz cup twice. I also drink black coffee. I couldn't do it if I wasn't hydrated and caffeinated lol. I've also found that skipping breakfast allows me to put a lot more calories into lunch, supper, and snacks. I love sitting down to a huge meal, and IF allows me to do that.
  • EmilyGray345
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    I am. One or two meals a day. It helps me tons with binge eating.
  • ManufacturingMyMojo
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    I usually fast for 12 hours at night. I usually eat a big dinner and then fast until lunch the next day. I do continue to drink water during this time to keep my metabolism running.
  • larwena7
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    I'm really hoping this will help with my binge eating too.