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Place names - Start with last two letters of previous

s1im62s1im62 Posts: 5,340Member Member Posts: 5,340Member Member
I'm not sure how this will work out, but it's been fun with other topics, so why not try it for place names?

Come up with the name of a city, country, province, region, geological feature (mountain, river, etc.), or whatever a place is called, in which the name starts with the last two letters of the previous post's entry. Fictional/mythical place names like 'Narnia' or 'Elysium' are acceptable.

In a pinch, the name of a restaurant or building would be acceptable, as long as it designates a location. If the pinch is still too tight feel free to get creative!

For some examples: if the previous post entry was 'Miami', the next one could be 'MInnesota', and the next 'Tasmania'.

Have fun with it! :)

So, to start us out:



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