Emotional day thinking of late husband 😢

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A year ago, I lost my husband to ALS. We fought it for 5 years, side by side. I woke up on Saturday, March 10th, to find that he had died during the night.

I stopped working to care for Michael, so that he could stay in our home. I highly admire people who have chosen caregiving as a profession. But I took vows with this man. For better, for worse, never for granted. It was my duty and my desire to care for him.

Today, for some reason, I have been having these mini breakdowns, just missing him so much. I start to cry, then my dogs climb onto my lap and lick the tears away. Jack does all of his cutest tricks, trying to get me to smile.

If you are with someone that you love right now, please, for me, tell them. Show them. Be sure they have no doubt how you feel.

He was my best friend, my soulmate, my person. He was the best human being I've ever known and I will miss him forever. ❤


  • cayenne_007
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    Big hugs to you. I'm so very sorry.
  • ythannah
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    I'm so sorry <3 I'm sure the last years of his life were better with you as his caregiver, you did a wonderful thing for him.