So today was a badly planned, yogurt filled mess. How was your day?

Seriously. I miscalculated so badly today. Bought a new type of yogurt to bring to work, and managed to misread the label so badly it's not even funny. So instead of 250 calories each for breakfast and lunch, it ended up being 108 calories each. Then I didn't have time to go buy dinner before job two, so I had only the yogurt that I had left in the fridge. And I took a piece of cake. I confess. Just don't tell my boss. That and soda from the vending machine.

I finally had a meal after I got home from work at 2200.

Here's for a better tomorrow.


  • janstewart62
    janstewart62 Posts: 88 Member
    Hey...I have had a lot worse one.....Tomorrow is a new day.....Good Luck...
  • texasredreb
    texasredreb Posts: 541 Member
    Log it and move on. Lesson learned.
  • ExistingFish
    ExistingFish Posts: 1,259 Member
    Well at least I think yogurt is decent enough balanced to keep you going....and cake :)
  • sugarcakes38
    sugarcakes38 Posts: 80 Member
    I can’t tell you how long I managed to get away without counting calories or having my fair share of cake now and again and still met my deficit for the week. I was a lot heavier then, so the pounds melted off anyway, likely because of 2 things;
    1). I stayed active, even on the “bad” days, and I had a lot of them.
    2). Consistency. The damage I thought I did on those “bad” days was minimal to non-existent, simply because the transition to healthier ways of eating was already underway and becoming habitual, something I couldn’t feel happening.

    These days, I feel like I’m counting effing AIR to avoid a miscalculation just to help me reach my goal. And it’s not like I don’t got fat left, I totally see it, in all its glory, it’s not even hiding.

    I wouldn’t worry about it, plus you got to have cake, that’s like 10 whole good days wrapped up in one tiny little bad day
  • Addictead
    Addictead Posts: 66 Member
    Hey, You don't want to know how may miscalculations I've done in my years of calorie counting! I've forgotten to count oil for things that were fried, I've put in 4oz of lean beef when in reality it was pretty fatty(A good 300 more calories!), Put in the wrong amount of servings for many things so what I thought was ~300 was ~500-600. Yeah all is to say I'm still here 30 odd pounds down from my heaviest and being a bit off won't harm you in the long run