I need help making a meal plan

Hey everyone I’m skinny fat and trying to to build up my muscle I’m 160 pounds 5 11 my macros are 215.25 G protein 246 g carbs 68.3 g of fat could someone maybe show me a full day of eating


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    Why so specific? Why not start with trying to increase protein and see where you are?

    BTW - 200+ grams of protein for a 160 pound person is seems very high to me. You will build muscle on less. I'm pretty sure I'm not close to that today and I just had a big *kitten* steak for dinner.
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    What do you like?
    What do you hate?
    Have any allergies?
    What's available in your area?
    What are your cooking skills?
    What appliances do you have access to?
    How much time do you want to spend in the kitchen?
    What's your budget?

    These aren't rhetorical questions, but I also don't want to know the answers.

    I could spend hours coming up with a day's worth of recipes for you and you could hate them, not have access to them, not want to spend the time/money making them, etc. YOU are the best person to use Google to figure this out.
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    Protein intake is fine. You just need to stick with the gym. People grow on much less.
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    Also obviously the way to satisfy that protein is mostly with meat. Add in fruits veggies dairy nuts to fill out the rest. Starch like potatoes rice or pasta only in small amounts.
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    Log what you eat now, and gradually remodel it to fit your preferences **.

    More details about that approach here (thread talks about weight loss, but the process is identical for weight maintenance or gain, just a different calorie target involved):


    Something others have said is helpful is https://www.eatthismuch.com/ , but I prefer to plan my own meals.

    ** I agree with others that that's an extra-large supersized amount of protein, beyond what's required by sound science, even for someone with aggressive muscle-growth goals.

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    For a new person, I would recommend getting one meal a day as pretty much the same every day. Like breakfast. A bowl of the same cereal or same eggs repeated day after day. Once one meal is fixed, it is a lot easier to plan the others.

    For my part, I have the same breakfast 6 days a week for the last 25 years. I fix something different on my day off when I have time to fool around. For lunch I have two or three choices. And, I stock everything I need for all three.

    Then dinner can be really planned.