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HELP! P90X vs 21 Day Fix vs Focus T25 vs Other Programs

destinyjade00destinyjade00 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
Hi all!

I am reaching out to those who have done these programs. I am 162lbs at 5'4" and want to lose 30-40 hopefully before the end of the year. Weight loss is important to me so I can be in optimal range but I also want to be slightly toned to tighten my skin and shape, especially at my legs since I am so bottom heavy.

I am willing to put an hour in a day for working out but I worry that Im not on the right program.

I tried Insanity and couldn't walk the next day because my legs hurt so bad, so that's too much for me. Currently, I am looking into P90X or 21 Day Fix or Focus T25 (Since I see a lot of women do this program).

I am motivated to lose at least 10-20lbs in the next 3 months.

For my goals, which program would you recommend?
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  • lemongirlbclemongirlbc Posts: 153Member Member Posts: 153Member Member
    For me, P90X any day of the week - it's a little older but has such a great mix of weights, cardio, yoga etc - it's timeless, really. I like weight training though (do my own weight training program now rather than BeachBody at this point). If you don't like weight training and love going flat out with the cardio, then T25 m may be a better fit for you.
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Posts: 4,382Member Member Posts: 4,382Member Member
    I've only done T25 alpha and beta and a couple insanities. T25 is only 25 min a day. It made my knees really sore. I feel like you should start out with something a little less intense.
  • PiscesIntuitionPiscesIntuition Posts: 719Member Member Posts: 719Member Member
    I’m doing P90x now, and have done it a few times in the past as well with great results! I like it!
  • corriepelccorriepelc Posts: 404Member Member Posts: 404Member Member
    I love T25! It was the first workout system I followed religiously when I started my current health and fitness journey about five years ago. I completed it in its entirety and then I liked it so much, I did a second round! I had so much more strength after and it helped me lose my initial 25 lbs. It also gave me a great fitness base to start running and I'm now training for my seventh half-marathon.

    I did try P90X, but it wasn't my favorite. The guys annoyed me. LOL I did enjoy 21 Day Fix Extreme -- after T25, the regular 21 Day Fix was too easy for me. I got a Beachbody Online pass and made my own workout schedule with T25, 21 Day Fix Extreme and other series.

    Another great one is Chalean Extreme. I did that after T25 as it focuses on lifting heavy and I wanted to increase my strength.
  • zebasschickzebasschick Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    start with P90, then after you finish move to P90X
  • cjsears28cjsears28 Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    Morning Meltdown 100 is a good program also.
  • stretchmarksaretigerstripesstretchmarksaretigerstripes Posts: 195Member Member Posts: 195Member Member
    I’m doing 21 Day Fix right now. I’ve done a lot of different workouts from home, but this program has really surprised me with how hard it’s been! I thought I had great endurance before now.

    Low weight/high rep workouts with Autumn as the hostess...she’s super encouraging without being annoying. And it’s only 30 mins a day! Can’t go wrong.
  • PiscesIntuitionPiscesIntuition Posts: 719Member Member Posts: 719Member Member
    I can’t remember if I commented here or not. I do P90x! I like it and it has given me results. Always exciting when I get to increase my weights!
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