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Apple Watch: Challenges app is a game changer. August challenge

measurecpmeasurecp Posts: 12Member, Premium Member Posts: 12Member, Premium Member
Apple Watch users: Getting ready for August!

A new challenge is up for August! Join and make your teams! Have fun! You have been invited to compete in ''August mfp2”

To participate, you must have an Apple Watch. Download the Challenges app onto your phone:

Once you have the app, enter invite code: 'nhxg”or tap on the link below to join. You can either choose a team or if none are available, start a new one. The app will auto fill team members for you.

Daily calorie goals are customized based on your weight.

Points are granted based on the following:
1. Working out 30 minutes grants you 12 points. The max points you can get in a day is 36-this means that closing your exercise ring 3x, or 90 minutes.
2. Move: meeting your calorie burn that the app sets for you based off your weight. Meet it once for 12 points. Meet it 3x for a max if 36 points.
3. Stand: an active minute per hour for 12 hours will close this ring. You can get 2 additional points for hours 13 and 14.
4. Bonus points: this is where team cooperation is key. Bonus points are granted in increments of 5, as each team member closes ALL of their rings.
Max points am individual can get i a day is 96. If everyone on the team hits goal, then it’s 110. So, you have to motivate your other team members. Why?
Because you are not only improving yourself, you are competing against all the other teams in this group challenge. Only one team will win at the end of the month.
I’ve done this for 4 months now. My team may not always win, but I know that i’m accountable to them, so I’ve pushed myself harder than I ever have, and have made huge progress in 4 months.
Link below. Let’s do this!!
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