I've lost 58 lbs so far, and all my clothes are like tents

It's pretty motivating but I really need to get some new duds! When did you all start buying new clothes? I've been obese for so long, I don't even know if I would be comfortable in clothes that actually fit to my body! I'm a t-shirt and jeans/shorts kind of guy.


  • LyndaBSS
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    I have clothes in every size in my closet because I always had the hope to wear them again. I might splurge on a new pair of jeans when I hit my goal, but not much else. I hate clothes shopping. 😉
  • Melh1969
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    I've lost about 75 pounds and had to buy clothes at different stages along the way. It was crazy the first time because I had to keep leaving the dressing room to get smaller and smaller sizes! I must have tried on 15 pairs of pants before I figured out my new size. I suggest you just have fun with it and buy things that make you feel good in your new body. : )
  • lalalacroix
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    I had my fat clothes and then I had boxes of clothes in my goal size (which I am now 13 pounds away). The in-between sizes have been hard.

    So I've worn some of my day clothes until they have literally fallen off and my family has told me to throw them out. I've been gifted some hand-me-downs, bought clothes from the thrift store and bought some cheapy department store clothes.

    I did buy a couple of pricey pieces. One was an REI puffy coat for winter hiking/backpacking. And now I regret that purchase because it's huge on me and I will need another new one in a few months.

    I also just bought my first bikini in 10 years. I might not be able to wear it next year but I don't care cause it looks great this summer and I feel so awesome wearing it!

    I wanted to add that my underwear are baggy which is pretty hilarious to look at. I'm gonna wait until goal weight until I buy those.
  • gottswald
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    I resisted buying because I was use to things not fitting well. I kept telling myself there was no point to buy since I'd just replace it again "shortly". Once my appearance was commented on, I went to try new clothes. I've replaced everything a few times since. Even my shoe size changed. Now if it gets baggy enough I go to the store to "check". No point being unhappy during this process.
  • Terytha
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    Old Navy regularly has sales where I can get a pair of jeans for $20. Until I'm at my goal size, those and $3 Walmart t-shirts are where it's at.

    I don't really care if my shirts are baggy though tbh.
  • HazelMayes
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    I hate shopping and have always hated shopping, even when I was very slender—I am not looking forward to clothes shopping 😬. I need to soon, though—I can’t put my phone in my pocket because that little bit of weight will pull my pants right down 😂😂😂. So I guess that’s my guide: smaller pants when I can’t put my phone in my pocket 😉
  • ginnytez
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    I have found good deals at thrift stores, sometimes brand new with tags. Have mixed in some new things as getting closer to final goal. I think wearing clothes that fit motivate me, I don't notice a gain in things that are too big.
  • rmberra
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    So far I've lost 50 lbs over the last 8 months.
    I basically did a round of clothing shopping every 20 pounds or so because 20lbs seems to be the equivalent of losing 2 inches around my waist. The vast majority of shirts and shorts I got came from Goodwill. Jeans and dressier pants were the main items I got from department stores. It was easier to buy pants at a department store than sift and not find anything my length at thrift stores.

    Before I lost weight, I preferred baggier clothes thinking that they were concealing. I now vastly prefer clothes that fit. I do not want to say that the experience is universal, but I do think there is something encouraging to wearing what fits now knowing how far you've come.