Questions About The One Rep Max

I have a few questions regarding the One Rep Max:

1. What is the best way to test the One Rep Max?

2. Is the one rep max necessary for bodybuilding or gaining muscle in general?

3. What exercises should I test the One Rep Max on?

4. After testing my One Rep Max, what percentage of it should I lift on my normal days?


  • Cahgetsfit
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    here to see the answers.

    I've only ever "tested" my ORM when i've managed to ask someone to spot me (I work out alone so not always able to get a spotter). Been ages since I gave it a go actually.

    So that leads me to your question number 2 - no, it's not necessary because i've been quite successful in adding muscle in a very "bro" bodybuilding sort of way for the last what .... 5 years? And i've only had my ORM "tested" like.... twice? And that was basically someone making sure I didn't drop the barbell on my chest and crush myself on bench, failing at deadlift, and making sure I didn't collapse under the barbell in a squat. So yeah....

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    Chieflrg wrote: »
    1. That depends on your goal(s) and training.
    2. A calculated e1rm can be useful within context of some templates.
    3. See #1.
    4. See #1.

    Ultimately unless you are competing, there is zero use for an actuall 1RM and even then, that should be left for the platform.

    A true 1RM causes a overload of stress and fatigue that can take a while to recover from. Why slow down your training?

    Furthermore it's a skill not a actual indicator of anything if you don't practice near maximal weight and hone the skill.

    Entire post quoted for truth. Especially the bolded.
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    Do a search for 1rep max calculator I use the one on strength they work off how many reps you can do with a certain weight.