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I am officially NO LONGER OBESE!!!!!!!!!



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    That is wonderful. You look great. I went from morbidly obese to overweight also, it is a great feeling.
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    Very cool! I cannot wait till I can say the same. Started out 272.6 and I am not 201.8. So that translates BMI wise from 42.7 to 31.6 now. 190 will be out of obese territory. Great job, hope to join you very soon!
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    How wonderful! Congrats!! 💖
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    hey congrats!!!!
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    Congratulations! :)
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    Wow, 90 pounds! That is incredible! Congratulations!
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    Amazing, well done!
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    I can't wait until my scale says the same! I am probably at the lower end of obese but it hurts to see it:/
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    Well done😀 keep fighting the good fight
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    wmweeza wrote: »
    I started at about 260. My goal is 170. I am so glad to know for sure it can be done! Congratulations on your success!

    I use a walker most of the time and a wheelchair on longer trips. I did 80% of this just by watching what I eat so YES, almost anyone CAN do it and do it without starving themselves. Mainly I ate smaller portion sizes. I still eat chocolate for dessert every night, I refuse to drink plain black coffee etc, I just make sure it all fits calorie wise.
    Thanks for the support everyone!
    I never planned on using these pics online, but what the heck (far left picture isn't even my highest weight. I would have had a better background and worn a better outfit (and watch as it gets bigger in each pic )if I had this to do over


    W <3 W!!!! You are fabulous and looking absolutely tremendous. YAY YOU and thank you for sharing, how inspirational and encouraging you are, YAY you again, you WINNER you-BOOM!
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    Thank you all :)
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