It's nice to be able to look in the mirror without total disgust now

this is only about my situation, don't think I am fat shaming anyone please, because I am not. I haven't been able to look in the mirror without a shirt on for years. After losing 59 lbs so far, I finally can see my old body coming back, albeit I have a ways to go but it's still a good feeling! The motivation is at a level 10 to keep pushing forward!


  • missysippy930
    missysippy930 Posts: 2,577 Member
    Congratulations! That’s a huge milestone!
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,964 Member
    Well done. I try to accept my body whatever the size. Glad you're happier.
  • nighthawk584
    nighthawk584 Posts: 2,008 Member
    Thanks, believe me I have tried but it's more of what I did to my body from where I came from a lean muscular body to an obese man...
  • elisa123gal
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    You are so right, it is like the lost old you emerging from a the fatter you ...that overweight "you". you thought would be permanent. Thank you God it isn't!

    It is like seeing an old friend. It also makes you feel like you've turned back the hands of time. Congrats on your weight loss.. that's awesome!