Oatmeal and crashing..



  • nooboots
    nooboots Posts: 480 Member
    I started eating oatmeal for breskfast about 4 days ago. I have noticed about 2 hours after i eat it I crash. I get the shakes, I am extremely hungry and I feel weak. I am not diabetic as I eat bread, potatoes and such. Why does it make you feel like your crashing.

    I used to get that after porridge too, it just doesnt suit me.
  • littlegreenparrot1
    littlegreenparrot1 Posts: 692 Member
    I love porridge and it happily sustains me for hours.
    You just need to try a few options to see what works for you.

    Anything can be breakfast food, what do you find fills you up at other times of day?
  • NewTnme
    NewTnme Posts: 258 Member
    The same thing happens to me. I eat a boiled egg with my oatmeal or I started adding an individual fruit and nut pack. Omega 3 pack by valley orchard harvest. It helped tremendously. 220 cal to 300 cal breakfast.