Can’t believe this and that I’m here.

So I am dealing with a regain. I lost 66 lbs from 2016-2017ish. Stayed up and down all 2018 and today August 2019 I sit at only 12 pounds lost. Getting anxiety meds straight and quitting smoking 4 months ago have been KILLER. I can’t believe I’m here. I guess I can only take a moment of self pity, accept the season I’m in, and push on. I started logging and weight my food again yesterday and I’m still sick that I said I’d never be here again, and wearing this shirt I had put away again. Any experience here? Thanks.


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    I've been in maintenance for a couple of years and STILL read the stickies every once and awhile!

    It sounds like the reasons you regained are clear to you, and that's a really good thing. The key to a backslide is learning from it :smile: Best of luck
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    I'm there also. Lost 85 from Jan 2016 to July 2017 and then gained back 40. I know what it takes. I just need to get my mind back to it. You'll figure out what works with your meds. It may take some time but you'll get there.
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    I believe that whatever it took to get you where you wanted to be - is what will keep you there. It is a journey not a destination - You can get get back believe it
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    Don't yourself enough to stay the course today....tomorrow....
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    It is okay to feel like crap for a day and feel sorry for yourself too. we've all done it. Then pull yourself up and just get it done. you can do it again..and hey, you didn't regain it all and then some. So that's fabulous.

    As for the shirt.. this time, I threw all my larger clothes when my goal weight clothes get tight.. I have zero choice but to nip the regain in the bud. That strategy has worked for me. maybe it will for you this time. Good luck.
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    Whatever your goal is...take on the Journey like you want to own it! Nevermind what someone else may think what you can do or how you should do it! Do it as you please because at the end of the day you believe in yourself first! This is your path your route to goal achievement success. Crush it. Chase it. Stick with it! You have no limits. Be MOTIVATED for the fitness changes you desire! Embrace the SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT to keep you going no matter what the scale says. No matter how you look in the mirror. No matter of your fitness level. Let's do this together! One day at a time! You got this! 💪
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    Welcome back! I'm fairly new to MFP, but NOT new to weight loss and gain. I went from 185 lbs super fit low body fat to an obese 285 lbs super sickly at my heaviest. I never logged calories before this latest journey that started last April. I wrote them all down in a notebook till a couple weeks back before joining MFP. So much easier with the app! anyway, you CAN do it! Good luck!
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    @RelCanonical, yes you should make this it’s own post.
    I think many will find it inspiring being able to see a regain is not the end of the world, just a hiccup in one aspect of life.

    Love the 2019 version of you- very chic.

    Cheers, h.
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    Congratulations on quitting smoking! Don't ever regret quitting! You've lost before. You will again. Best to you!