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Looking for workout buddies/ accountability group (WLS)

Jmora95Jmora95 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
Hi Everyone,

I have been on a major weight loss transformation journey in the past 8months or so. I started my highest weight at 335 pounds at 5’5” so morbidly obese and now I am down to 210 pounds still obese. My current goal is to make under the 200 pound mark and eventually hit my goal weight of approximately 160 pounds.

I am extremely thankful for the tool that has helped save my life (Vertical Sleeve, VSG) procedure. With only being 8 months post op i would like to make sure I stay on track with keeping up with the weight loss by continuing to push my body physically. Recently I have struggled to keep the motivation of working out 5 days a week and staying away from old bad habits especially with food.

I would love to find people on here that may share similar interests or experiences regarding weight loss, exercise and fitness.


  • majewlynmajewlyn Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Hey! I am scheduled for VSG September 5th. I would love to have someone to stay on track! I am the same size now that you started at and I’m looking forward to getting healthy.
  • lorrpblorrpb Member Posts: 11,168 Member Member Posts: 11,168 Member
    Check out the maintenance forum on here. What you describe is EVERY maintainer’s challenge. You are not alone!
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