New To MFP, Who has a cheating day & What do you like to enjoy that day? 😋

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New To MFP, I started exercising 5 days a week for one full hour on my treadmill. I do jogging & speed walking. I motivate myself and I love to log in to the community forums and read inspirational stories.
My rest day ( No Exercise ) are Saturday’s but I still follow my calorie count and my cheating day are Sunday’s 🤗 I eat everything, I don’t restrict my self. I started this routine on June 2 and I have lost 20lbs.


  • JeromeBarry1
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    Since a cheating day, in this context, is a day of eating off the calorie restriction budget,
    I'll freely admit to having too many of these and most enjoy ending it.
  • FitAddiction9
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    To me it’s called a carb reload day. Like @LyndaBSS has said. Enjoy what you want. If you manage your week correctly, you will be way under your goal for the day / week / month. It all depends, on your goal and end vision. Way too many variables. It’s called a well balanced lifestyle
  • MohsenSALAH
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    Grilled burgers here, i do them when i feel im hitting a plateau just to keep my metabolism up for a while
  • Cahgetsfit
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    I don't like to call them 'cheat' days, I personally call it a refeed. They work well enough and I definitely need them every so often.

    HOWEVER, when I am close to goal weight, I can't just spend one whole day eating whatever the hell I want, because I can EASILY pack away thousands of calories in one day. And considering my maintenance is around 2000-2100, if I'm eating at 1700 for 6 days then all of a sudden eat 6000 in one day that will take me well over my weekly budget, which will mean no more weight loss. And yes, I can eat 6000 in one day. Especially if made up of mostly crap like crisps and chocolates and so on.

    So when that happens (as in when I am counting calories and need a refeed because am hungry), I have a day of up to or slightly over my maintenance - let's say 2500 tops - because that way i'm still in the green.

    What do I like to eat?

    EVERYTHING and in large quantities!!!
  • johnnydeadlift
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    Cater your diet to yourself and your goals and add some balance to your lifestyle... I eat lots of carbs since I train like an athlete and power builder. Double Stuf Oreos, ice cream, Panda Express, and Taco Bell are staples in my weekly diet regimen haha... not joking😊
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    I have cheat meals once in awhile ... Pizza! A big fat juicy burger! Or a buffet! Not all at once! LOL ... Maybe once a week ... but I pay for it in the gym the next day!
  • seltzermint555
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    I consider Saturdays that way, although not a total free for all. It's the day I get by far the most exercise, but I dine out usually for lunch and dinner, have something like a double burger or deep dish pizza that doesn't really fit my usual calorie goal...and get a treat in the afternoon like a donut and coffee or a fancy cupcake.
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    This was breakfast yesterday

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    I have a long way to go. When I start to feel burned out I will have a "cheat meal". Usually pizza or burger and fries. But I still try to watch my portions on it. At least paying attention to how much I have eaten and not to be too full.
  • ScrambledPawn
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    I've always called them "cheat days" but the way I handle them now is definitely different to how I started so I guess now it's more of a "maintainence day". When I used to take one day to just load up on junk like I used to, now I just work out the calories I saved from the previous 6 days (more 2,700-3,200 calories rather than the 6,000 I used to take in at my worst) and control things as much as I can within reason, so the occasional treat but more often bulking up on healthy carbs and protein so I don't start the next week feeling terrible and can re-double my focus back onto the diet immediately the next day.
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    If I do Slow Carb - then I do cheat days once per week. I will usually eat carbs on that day.