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How do I share recipes once I get the nutrient info entered

kmitchell61km993kmitchell61km993 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
in Recipes
I need help sharing recipes once I get the nutrient info put into the recipe. Is there a way others can log that recipe into their MFP without having to write the whole thing all over again


  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Posts: 6,662Member Member Posts: 6,662Member Member
    If they have access to your diary (i.e., your diary is public, or your diary is open to friends and they're your friends), they can copy a meal from your diary in which you have logged the recipe. Then it will be in their diary and recent foods and they can log it from their recent foods or copy the meal from their own diary to another meal. The actual recipe won't be in their "my recipes" tab, I don't think. Not 100% sure on that last point.
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