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Can I fix my stuck scale?

dulinhdulinh Member Posts: 99 Member Member Posts: 99 Member
Three weeks ago I changed the battery in my scale because it wouldn't turn on. I weigh twice weekly. For two and a half weeks after changing the battery my scale registered exactly 120 (the scale measures to the .2/lb) which I became highly suspicious of after a couple of weigh-ins. I then wondered if I could make it move so I weighed myself with my dog, made my hubby weigh, ate breakfast and put on clothes while weighing. It moved for those things. However, now my daily weight has been 118.8 every day for 4 days in a row. Seems pretty unlikely.

Is my scale broken? Can it be fixed?


  • robertw486robertw486 Member, Greeter, Premium Posts: 2,125 Member Member, Greeter, Premium Posts: 2,125 Member
    Why not just grab something that weighs a couple pounds and then weigh yourself without it, then while holding it? Since the other "tests" seemed to show the scale was working, it might give you the real answer. Another good test would be to weigh yourself several times over the course of a day and see what happens.

    I tend to fluctuate quite a bit day to day most of the time, but have had periods where I was within a .2-.3 pound range for a few days. Though it would seem that being exact for several days would be rare, if you are a creature of habit with things that impact weight, I guess it could be possible.
  • staticsplitstaticsplit Member Posts: 539 Member Member Posts: 539 Member
    My weight doesn't change radically usually. I'll have days where I'm bang on the same weight. Seconding the advice above.
  • pjwrtpjwrt Member Posts: 166 Member Member Posts: 166 Member
    Scales are an evil addiction. I got frustrated, so I bought another one and set it beside the old one. They never agree. If one says I'm on target, the other will say I'm a pound or two over. Never under; always over.

    I have a body fat tool and a custom tape measure that ideally I should use instead of the scale(s). After all, isn't the waist size and body fat measurement more important than weight. Look at the bodybuilders....wait...don't look at them. They're in cahoots with weight scales.
  • hotel4dogshotel4dogs Member Posts: 72 Member Member Posts: 72 Member
    My scale has a memory and will just give the same value over and over if the weights are within a certain amount of each other, might be a pound. I believe that's common.
    So, I keep a 12 pound dumbbell near the scale. I get on holding it, then get off, set it down, and weigh without it.
    Kind of a pain. I probably should just buy a new scale!
  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Member Posts: 1,115 Member Member Posts: 1,115 Member
    We threw ours away - mind altering!
  • MySlimGoalsMySlimGoals Member, Premium Posts: 745 Member Member, Premium Posts: 745 Member
    I must have a similar scale to yours as mine would get stuck for days if I didn't reset it each time. What I do is when I turn it on I wait until it reads zero, then I press one foot down on it so it reads a weight that definitely isn't my weight. Then I take my foot off it and zero it again. Then I weigh myself. It's the most accurate way to reset it so it doesn't remember your previous weight. It's a design flaw they built into them.
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