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Friends in maintenance or losing small amounts?

DownwindsDownwinds Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
Hey. I'm Charlie/26yo/England. I'm in maintenance these days, and came back to mfp after years because I'd gained about 10lbs that I wanted rid of. Most people I had on my friends list before are gone now, and it'd be nice to have some who are in the same situation as me.

I don't usually track when I'm maintaining, apart from every so often to check my intuition is still good, or when I've gained a few lbs, as I like to get rid of them before they become a problem. So I doubt I'll be here long-term, which is another reason to be friends with people with smaller goals. Yeah, that about sums it up. Add me. Message me. :smile:


  • DanpDanp Member Posts: 1,561 Member Member Posts: 1,561 Member

    You've posted in the 'Getting Started' forum so it's pretty unlikely that you'll find too many people in maintenance posting/reading here.

    There is however a whole forum dedicated to people in maintenance so you might want to try there to find a few kindred spirits.
  • staticsplitstaticsplit Member Posts: 539 Member Member Posts: 539 Member
    Me! Maintaining since October, and at the moment trying to get to the lower end of my maintenance range (5 pounds) instead of the upper end.
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Member Posts: 12,916 Member Member Posts: 12,916 Member
    I'm in maintenance - 6th year but still log in here to browse the forums and post on the newsfeed. I'll send you a FR.

  • Alia_RAlia_R Member, Premium Posts: 410 Member Member, Premium Posts: 410 Member
    I’m in maintenance for now since I’m in the process of recomping; it’s been 8 months now and it’s working. The numbers on the scale haven’t budged but I’m certainly losing inches everywhere it seems.
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