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I have a million excuses

foreverkat18foreverkat18 Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6 Member
I can make a huge list of reasons I have put on to much weight in the past several years but I would rather discuss the reasons I want to loose it. I have two small kids I struggle to keep up with. A husband who is just in as bad as shape as me but has an extremely high energy level and two active dogs who are constantly barking for attention. I want to feel good about myself when I wake up everyday. I want to know my health is in good shape as well.
I have done mfp before but I did not have any friends or motivation so this time I want to change things up. I would love to have friends to cheer me along and I would like to do the same for you. Friend me or drop a message below.


  • dovestorm2486dovestorm2486 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    I can totally identify with the million excuses, lol. I don’t have young children anymore, but I have a 16 year old who is extremely active. I just hit the big ugh 4-0 and have been feeling miserable about still trying to get in shape again. I wish you the best on your journey! My goal is to start eating healthier all around in order to protect my health. 😄
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Member, Premium Posts: 7,740 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7,740 Member
    I have seen it said that it is better not to make weight loss your primary goal but to make it something bigger than you can invest in. Being a more fit mother, wife, and pet owner sounds like "bigger" enough to me.

    Good luck. I hope you get loads of friends. I am not very good at keeping up with the news feed so you can do a lot better than me.
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