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hi prob a silly question but in order for me to go on a calorie deficit does MFP calculate this when it’s gives me what I should eat per day in calorie? When I put in my goals etc.


  • NovusDiesNovusDies Posts: 4,329Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,329Member, Premium Member
    When you enter your information in the guided set-up you select how much weight per week you would like to lose. MFP deducts the appropriate amount from your NEAT (BMR x Daily Activity not including exercise) and gives you the appropriate amount of calories to eat to achieve that goal.

    If you look at the chart below it shows you the rate of loss and to the right what the calorie deficit will be each day. You add that number back to what MFP to give your your maintenance calories (the calories you can eat to neither gain or lose weight for a day).


    In about 6 weeks you will want to check your results and determine if you are losing faster or slower than you selected and then you can make adjustments accordingly.

    Remember that the amount MFP gives you does not include purposeful exercise. You are meant to eat a portion (many people start with half) of those calories in addition to your daily goal.
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