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Jjohn1433Jjohn1433 Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
I’m here to lose 20 lbs. May not sound like a lot but those last pounds are the hardest for me to take off. If your interested please let me know. I’m new to the app so forgive any mistakes I may make in the training curve.


  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member
    Welcome to the community! <3

    If you haven't already, read the stickies at the top of the getting started forum. Very informative and helpful.

    Good luck with your journey!
  • GU0679TGU0679T Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    Hello, I am here to lose 20lbs. as well. If I do it would be my weight when I was pregnant, so I think it isn't unrealistic or unhealthy. I hadn't had a accountability partner-maybe blog will help. So this week I decided I can cheat in different ways (besides food). Occasionally it is ok to skip workout aka sleep in. I am thinking I am trading skipping some work outs for eating what ever I want. I got consistent at running then incorporated weight resistance exercise as well. I can't seem to get consistent with the food. So I am reversing it to see if It will work.
  • wkoutlady180wkoutlady180 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Hello! I’m looking for an accountability partner too! I like the app but I’ve never consistently used it. I’m going to send this message and see how a reply appears.

    We can do this!!
  • suzygoff51suzygoff51 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Twenty pounds overweight, me too. Just started here this week. Retired a year ago and activity level decreased dramatically as bored, mindless eating increased. So now I’m trying this approach, calorie counting plus a thirty minute walk four or five times a week. I’m 68-hate how frumpy I look-can’t wait to see progress.
  • wkoutlady180wkoutlady180 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Hello Suzy,

    Please forgive my delay in responding? I wasn’t feeling well. I plan to walk today? How about you?

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