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Aussie Mummy of 4 going Paleo hormonal balance!

lucyricardo1955lucyricardo1955 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Hi Guys!
Looking to chat to people juggling family and eating an anti inflammatory diet like paleo!
Anyone out there?????


  • concordanciaconcordancia Posts: 5,179Member Member Posts: 5,179Member Member
    Most of our meals reflect similar principles. However, we like to indulge once in awhile, so we went on an elimination diet to determine our specific triggers, rather than relying on a generalized list of restrictions for the long term.

    As for hormones, the womenly ones have been worse since we started the elimination diet. This month, I had cramps for an entire week before my period actually started. And I assume my current backache can be blamed on the bloating :( I keep with it for the blood sugar levels.

    If the issue is you wanting to do a specific diet, but not the rest of the family, I suggest you prepare one meal and let them have sides that include things you are restricting. For example, my husband has a hard time filling up without starches, so I will make him a sweet potato to go with our lamb and Brussels sprouts.
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