Low/no carb foods

Hello lfellow low carbers. I'm needing some help,. I would like to have some ideas for some low to no carb items to fill in on my diet. I get towards the end of the day and I don't have enough calories but I don't really want to add to my carbs. Besides cheese, and meat, what other low carb items can I add to meals and in between snacks to add more calories but low/no carbs? Thanks


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    I recommend joining the groups Low Carber Daily Forum group and The Keto group (low carbers there too, not everyone in group is keto low).

    This is a very common problem and discussion in the low carb world.

    I personally flipped my eating schedule, eating a higher fat, higher protein meal for lunch, then a lighter dinner.

    Breakfast/or Lunch: sauteed veggies: one or more (onions, peppers, broccoli, spinach, etc) in one tbsp olive oil. Add in meat (usually left over dinner meat), add another tbsp of olive oil or butter, add in a lightly beaten egg, one serving cheese, make an omelet or a scramble.

    Can top with sour cream, avocados, cherry tomatoes, olives, more cheese, etc.

    I can make one little egg plate 700-1000 calories, with low net carbs.

    Breakfast: Coffee or tea with 4 tbsp of half and half, unsweetened cocoa powder (stevia or monk fruit) low carb 100 calorie beverage.

    Snacks: Fruit: cherries, avocado, cherry tomatoes or nuts - 170 cal for 1/4 cup (none of these are over-filling).

    Leave myself 200-400 for dinner, easily doable with a piece of meat seared or baked in olive oil with another serving of veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, squash) thrown in pan with meats.

    Finish at or just over my calories. My carbs come in around 20-25 net carbs daily.

    The groups on here are full of meal ideas. One thread called "what does your low carb meal look like" is 76 pages of recipes and meals with pictures!!
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    Some nuts are low carb, and the calories add up quickly.