How can I stop comparing my body to other women's?

I am 26F and 5'7'', and have gone from 200 lbs. size 16 to 134 lbs. size 4. My goal is about 125 lbs. or so.

However, after this major fat loss I am now left with more self consciousness, body awareness, and comparison/envy issues than I ever have felt before.

I am constantly comparing my body to others. I went on a camping trip this weekend and swam and constantly compared my body to all of the other women's out there. I am left with stretch marks (not bad ones though) and slightly looser skin in my hips and breasts. I wish I had never been fat and hate that I'll have lifelong consequences. I was never taught healthy eating by my family. I worry my boyfriend finds others more attractive than me. I honestly felt me confident when I was heavier. I didn't realize the damage I was doing to my body or even know what I could look like if I lost body fat, I had so little awareness.

Now that I am almost done with my weight loss journey, I am left with an even more challenging task of body and self acceptance. Is it common to feel this way? How do I over come it?


  • glovepuppet
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    I got the stretch marks & loose skin and lost the gravity defying boobs with my first child, in my early 20s. I know how that feels, especially with all the "perfect" bodies in the media. But it never seemed to make a difference to any boyfriend.

    You could treat yourself to really good lingerie. Like makeup, it enhances the good and disguises the rest.
  • whmscll
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    I am 5’’4” and 123 pounds; one pound from goal. I still compare myself to others. But what I have learned to do is let that *kitten* go after I’ve thought it. There are so many ways I could still be unhappy with my body; you will ALWAYS find something that doesn’t “measure up” when comparing to others. You need to do you. Celebrate your successes and the fact that you’ve taken steps to be HEALTHIER while you’re still young and with your whole life still ahead. There are probably people out there comparing themselves to you and wishing they had lost weight earlier in life.
  • willsundaydnd
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    Congrats on the amazing weight loss! I want to say that I don’t think you should worry about relationship problems related to your weight-I know from my experience that that appearance is not really the issue when you have problems with a husband/boyfriend(or with wife/girlfriend). There are so many other issues that are more important/problematic , but if you both have a happy outlook on life, and generally respect each other, you shouldn’t have many problems. I know in my case I am much happier with a girlfriend who is fun to be around and who shares her joy in life with me but had a (whatever physical flaw you want to name.)

    I also don’t think it’s necessarily unhealthy to compare yourself to others-for example I would love to have defined abs and I am jealous of guys my age who have them-but I don’t think more about it than just a few seconds or get depressed that I don’t have them. One last thought-I think that when you get older, you become more comfortable with your body so you may find that you don’t worry about it as much-probably related to experience understanding that a persons appearance is only a small part of their attractiveness😊
  • tonygermano2
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    The Facade is only one small part of a whole building. The insides matter too. There is a lot of mental aspect to weight gain and loss. It’s okay to think about it and deal with it. Don’t let it consume you though. If you always were who you are, then you will be who you are. If your BF loved who you were, and you were who you are, then he will love who you are ......