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New, looking for simple cheap meals!!

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Not an experienced cook..


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    I've posted this on another thread but here is a three day plan for a very inexperienced cook. Cheap too.

    Day 1. Buy a supermarket cooked rotisserie chicken and have roast chicken dinner. Cook a jacket potato and green beans, sugar snaps or snow peas in the microwave. Prick the potato skins with a fork in a couple of places. If the beans come in a cellophane bag snip off a corner, or prick the plastic wrap if they are packaged in a wrapped tray. This is to allow steam to escape which prevents explosions in the microwave. Timing depends on wattage of microwave and size of potato and veg packet, but think 6-10 minutes for the potato and 1-3 minutes for the beans. Start giving the potato a squeeze every minute starting at 6 minutes to test for doneness. Taste a bean every minute starting 1 minute.

    Day 2. Easy chicken salad. Mix some chopped leftover chicken, a chopped ripe avocado, a jar of commercial salsa, and optional chopped fresh coriander. Have this in a soft taco shell or pita wrap.

    Day 3. Avgolemono soup. Boil a big bowlful of chicken stock (store bought or made with a bouillon cube is fine) and throw in a small handful of rice. Season to taste with the juice of several lime wedges. Chop up some of the leftover chicken. Beat 1 or 2 eggs in a small bowl. When the rice is soft (about 20 minutes) turn down the heat to the lowest setting and throw in the chicken. Stir in a ladleful of hot stock into the eggs and beat again. Return egg mixture into warm soup pot and stir. Try to thicken the soup with the egg mixture without it curdling and turning into scramble egg. However, if the soup is still too hot and the egg scrambles it will still be tasty, so not a disaster. Have this with a simple salad (lettuce or tomato or cucumber with store bought dressing) on the side. Prepare the salad while you are waiting for the rice to cook.
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    What kind of foods do you like?
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    I use which lists the amount of each ingredient, each serving, and the total cost of the recipe. Has some delicious-tasting recipes (especially the one-pot meals and casseroles) and it’s a really well-organized site (lots of categories to choose from, meal prep, lunch, dinner, breakfast, one-pot, vegetarian, etc).
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