Your Favourite FUN Workouts!



  • mom23mangos
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    Beat Saber. It's a virtual reality game that combines fruit ninja, dance dance revolution and light sabers.
  • thelegendofsakura89
    thelegendofsakura89 Posts: 105 Member
    I love weight lifting, but my cardio of choice is Dance Dance Revolution lol.
  • jryd14
    jryd14 Posts: 58 Member
    Basketball, it's like HIIT and plyo all in one
  • jeromeloresco05
    jeromeloresco05 Posts: 29 Member
    POKEMON GO got me running again plus its me and my kids bonding time walking catching pokemon lol
  • mbaker566
    mbaker566 Posts: 11,234 Member
    trail walking
    trail running
    wrangling 4 dogs.
    aerial yoga and aerial hoop

    i don't like exercise that feels like exercise
  • cwolfman13
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    yelliezx wrote: »
    cwolfman13 wrote: »

    I don't think of those things as exercise really...and certainly not a "workout"...I'm just recreationally active (unless I'm purposefully training for a ride or something).

    Unfortunately, I'd say if recreational activity isn't appealing, I'd be hard pressed to think some kind of actual "workout" DVD or whatever would be appealing. I loath that stuff, but could ride for hours on end.

    Maybe something like zumba or dancing?

    I'd count those as exercise but that's only because I have to try pretty hard just to get 5000 steps in a day!! So I feel like anything extra would be good enough for me.

    The social house in my community is starting zumba classes next month so I was considering going! I even find Zumba difficult :D

    Anything fitness wise is going to be difficult initially if you're out of shape...the best thing you can do is just start small. Fitness is something that is built over time. When I first started I found walking around the block with my dog difficult...but I kept at it and then added onto it...7+ years later I like going out for a 30 mile bike ride on a Saturday morning just for *kitten* and giggles. I would have of course found that to be impossible when I first started.
  • shewhoismany
    shewhoismany Posts: 182 Member
    Zombies, Run! Being chased by zombies is fun and motivating. You can start with a walk and work up to running. The ongoing story is a nice break from the music of your choice.
  • firef1y72
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    It's all a personal thing but the workouts I find most fun are the ones that leave me drenched in sweat and panting for breath.
    A current favourite does use a treadmill and rower but..
    1000m run/250m row
    750m run/500m row
    500m run/750m row
    250m run/1000m row
    all done as fast as possible.

    I also have a slam ball at home and love slamball workouts
  • acpgee
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    I second roller blading. Great for glutes too. Playing a drum kit. The drummer is always the buffest guy in the band.
  • JintheSouth
    JintheSouth Posts: 44 Member
    I LOOOOVE kettlebells. It’s so much fun and there are so many exercises you can do so you don’t get bored. Plus you can get cardio and strength training in one workout, although I still set aside a separate session just for strength training.
    I incorporate my kettlebells into a tabata workout, so I go for about a half hour.
    I started off with an 8 lb bell, now I’m up to 20lb. I say start with a 5 or 8 lb and build up to it.
    ROBOTFOOD Posts: 5,527 Member
    It might not be for everyone, but mine is definitely running mountains.

    The only thing I do at home (exercise) is yard work and plop into the pool.
  • savannahs21
    savannahs21 Posts: 358 Member
    Leslie Sansone "walk away the pounds". Her videos are on Youtube.
  • ONUnicorn
    ONUnicorn Posts: 38 Member
    My husband and I dance. We square dance and round dance (round dancing is cued ballroom dancing). We usually dance 2-3 nights a week for about 2 hours a night.

    Try to find a square dance club in your area; most clubs offer lessons in the fall, starting about this time of year. Try it and see if you like it.
  • MikePTY
    MikePTY Posts: 3,819 Member
    To be honest, "fun" and "at home" usually don't mix to well together. The most fun workouts are usually ones you do out in the world enjoying some sort of activity that doesn't "feel like exercise".
  • mittencat77
    mittencat77 Posts: 137 Member
    30 minute Hit: Kickboxing circuit. Maybe one near you? New ones open all the time. Super fun!!!
  • tavia28
    tavia28 Posts: 60 Member
    I love weight training! Weights, Resistance Bands and Body Weight!! But my primary cardio is a combination of Just Dance, BoxVR, Beat Saber, Zumba Rush & Skating... I love to dance, skate and I love boxing!
  • girlwithcurls2
    girlwithcurls2 Posts: 2,186 Member
    There isn't much I willingly do at home that is strenuous and fun. I did join a dance/cardio class (kind of Zumba-ish). I am a self-described TERRIBLE dancer, but I loved it. There was great music and fun people. I tried doing my own at home, but it wasn't the same. Now, I do mostly water fitness, swim laps or trail run/hike.

    I used to hate exercise, but I found out it's because I truly thought it wasn't supposed to be fun. "Just Do It" mentality didn't work with me. I realized about 5 years ago that running slowly is still running...
  • rainbow198
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    Ice skating! I love going during the adult sessions when there's less people. I burn so many calories and can ice skate non-stop for an hour at my own pace. The time goes by so fast!

    Runners ups are hiking and pole fitness.
  • sarko15
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    Richard Simmons videos on YouTube. I don't find them to be particularly challenging, but dang they are fun!
  • Sunshine_And_Sand
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    For an at home workout, I find yoga to be fun and a good way to destress after a long day or start the day off on a good note when done in the morning. However, as some others have also said, I find outside workouts to be the most fun. I love the walking/running/bike trail that overlaps with one of the local parks in my county. Playing golf and walking it instead of getting a cart is a great way to enjoy some gorgeous outdoor scenery as well even if your not good at golf. Just being outside and seeing the small animals, scenery, sunshine, fresh air, and the other people is a great mood boost. Also, the most fun I’ve ever had at a yoga class, though probably not as strenuous as the ones I usually do, was a goat yoga class. Whoever thought of combining yoga and petting baby goats was brilliant...