Flying united airlines while 250+

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Hey all, just booked a vacay with my son and wondering what people’s experiences were lately flying with united airlines when 250-300lbs? I unfortunately just grew into having to use a seatbelt extender on some flights (in Canada anyway) I’m just so scared of being denied to board or some crap..even thinking of buying another seat which I know many will say just do that (but it is an extra 800$! for something I am not sure I will need (especially since I will be sitting beside my son so if I do happen to need a bit of um..overflow...he is okay with it). It’s not until the new year so I have time to lose some but no way I’ll be under 250. Please leave your stories on whether you flew this heavy recently and if you purchased that extra seat.


  • MarcyMavin
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    Just flew United . First class seats much roomier than economy. That would differ depending on the plane I suppose. I’d say do your best to lose a little so you can be comfortable, and maybe pay extra for first class if you can.
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    Heaviest I flew was around 250. I needed an extender on the first flight but not the next one. You won't need a second seat but it's good you'll be next to your kid since you won't have to worry about spilling.
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    Would the airline website have a maximum weight listed on it?
  • Motorsheen
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    two flights last week.

    one was coach

    the other was first class

    (first class is better....)

    also, if you're flying with your kid, many times you can raise the armrest between the two seats for some extra room.

    It's also good if your traveling companion wants to rest their head of your lap (this may or may not have happened on a long, overseas flight B) )
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    I have flown at 300+ for over 3 years and never used an extender. Only time I felt super uncomfy is on those little toy planes but a normal size plane Im fine. I don't like folks touching me due to anxiety so I always did a aisle so I can pop the arm rest, stretch my feet and was ok. First class is better but its not typically in folks budget to do.
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    I'm flying on united next month and I weigh 380lbs do you think I will be ok since sitting next to a family member
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    I've flown 300+ lb many times with no issue, never used an extender (my ego would never let me). I never heard of having to buy 2 seats in real life, only on television.
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    One airline in the US has a system of if you book 2 seats for yourself, and the plane has empty seats, you get one seat refunded. Not living in the US I don't recall which airline this is, but a bit of searching could reveal which airline it is.