Flying while 250-300lbs - share stories please

Hey all, just booked a vacay with my son in the Caribbean so nothing motivates me more than having to fit into tiny airline seats. I am having anxiety over worrying about flying on US airlines so am wondering what people’s experiences were lately flying in US (I’m prob flying united airlines for a couple legs of trip ) when 250-300lbs? I unfortunately just grew into having to use a seatbelt extender on SOME flights as I have large hips (in Canada anyway) I’m just so scared of being denied to board or some crap..even thinking of buying another seat as per their policy which I know many will say just do that (but it is an extra 800$! for something I am not sure I will need (especially since I will be sitting beside my son so if I do happen to need a bit of um..overflow...he is skinny mini and okay with it). It’s not until the new year so I have time to lose some but no way I’ll be under 250. Please leave your stories on whether you flew this heavy recently and if you purchased that extra seat.


  • Idontcareyoupick
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    I flew on Southwest at 252 lbs. Thankfully I was with my young son, so he didn't complain about the room and Mom in his space. It was a bit uncomfortable but didn't even think about buying an extra seat. I think if you can have your son sit as the buffer between you and someone else and he's good with it, you'll be fine
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    I am almost 300 lbs I do +100 flights per year. Book aisle, stay away from exit rows and be prepared to ask for an extender.
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    I travel a lot for work and always on planes. I fly almost exclusively Delta airlines and when I was at my heaviest which was a little over 250 I never needed a seat belt extender. I think, it comes down to body composition and airline. Over the years I've flown enough that I feel like I've seen just about everything, and lots of people ask for the extender right as they board. Most airlines keep them up front. No big deal. Ask as you board, and if you don't need it, amazing! If you do, you have it and it isn't a special big deal thing where you have to push the call button.

    Yes, the seats were uncomfortable for me at that weight but I'm tall and frankly, that was (and still is) always worse for me. Lol. I'd take the squeeze of the arm rests over my knees constantly being bashed by the seat back. 😂

    You aren't alone. Lots of people are in your position or have been or will be. You'll have an amazing trip and what a special time with your son!!!