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Leaner/ repeat from general fitness, just wanted a different angle

psychod787psychod787 Posts: 2,698Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,698Member, Premium Member
Ok, used to be 400lbs, lost a bunch. Bought a hand held BIA. Omron 306cHBF. I know they are not super accurate. At 192lbs I had a BF of 15.5 per BIA, Dexa'd 2 days later at 12.7. Unfortunately not fasted, water only, but that will throw off a dexa. That was 2 years ago. Actually Dexa'd at 9.6, same machine 1 year later at 178 lbs. Dropped to a low of 175. Said kitten this, my life sucks here. Bulking, ok lets call it what it is... Regain until I am no longer hungry all the time. Weight today 190lbs, BF reading on Omron, broke it back out. 13.7. Used it he same way as before. After getting up, taking a leak, weighing in, and no fluid intake, arms at 90 degrees, fitbit off. Could I actually be LEANER than I was last time at this weight? How? Wanted to add, stronger. Upper Horizontal push up 35%/pull 30%, Vertical push 25%/pull 35%, Primary leg push, 40%. Waist is bigger, feel more well jiggly than I did, or maybe I have just forgotten, no longer have skin/ far rolls down back, Hips are bigger it seems.


  • psychod787psychod787 Posts: 2,698Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,698Member, Premium Member
    Yes, wanted another forums outlook, different people look at different forums. thanks I replied.
  • psychod787psychod787 Posts: 2,698Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,698Member, Premium Member
    sijomial wrote: »
    I replied to your other thread but in context of this forum - recomp with a very small calorie surplus would describe your results very well over the last year.

    (That's assuming your numbers are a least proportional if not entirely accurate. With a handheld BIA and only a few data points that's a big assumption.)

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    You look great. Fantastic job! Inspiring attitude, too.
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    You look great!
  • slbbwslbbw Posts: 277Member Member Posts: 277Member Member
    Lets math some. Your first BIA was 15.5 compared to a 12.7 Dexa 2 days later, a difference of 2.8. at 175 your DEXA was 9.7. You gained 15 pounds from that point (in how much time would help here) and your BIA now reads 13.7.

    So a couple things to point out, if you gained very slowly, let say it took 8 months to put on that 15 lbs, then that would be a pretty successful lean bulk/recomp. 4 months to regain is feasible for mostly muscle gain in that time as wel but less likely. Much faster than that would likely lead to some fat gain along side any muscle gain. So if you use your BIA-DEXA ratio it would estimate your DEXA around 10.9. Which is potentially reasonable.

    Given that this is a handheld machine it is also possible that the distribution of your fat changed a bit and the BIA-DEXA is no longer an accurate conversion. Did your measurements stay consistent? Did you gain more in the waist or hips? Did a large portion of any potential increased muscle end up on your upper body. Tose would all scew the BIA towards closer to DEXA. Is it possible you are back to 12.7, possible. Are you more likely a 11-12 with some added muscle probably. Measurements with weight and Body fate estimates would give you a more wholistic picture.
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