Anyone have recipe ideas for healthy shakes I can make at home?


  • Hannahwalksfar
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    Your choice of fruit with your choice of milk and your choice of serving size. Log it before so you can see the nutrients breakdown and calories. I add protein powder into mine
  • RelCanonical
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    My favorite smoothie is:

    200g frozen pumpkin puree (freeze it flat in a freezer bag, then break into chunks)
    150g frozen banana (peel first before freezing)
    1tsp cinnamon
    1tsp vanilla extract
    1cup unsweetened almond milk

    Add together, and blend.
  • bold_rabbit
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    I start mine with the following:

    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
    1/2 serving of unflavored unsweetened protein powder
    8 oz cup of ice

    My favorite additions are:

    (1) Small banana + 1 Tbsp PB2 + 1 Tbsp cocoa (sometimes add fresh or frozen blueberries)

    (2) 50-100 grams greens (fresh or frozen) + small apple or unsweetened applesauce + sweetener of choice as needed

    (3) 4 oz Pumpkin puree (baby food works) + pumpkin pie spice + sweetener of choice (molasses is good if you have it) - optional additions are greens or 1/2 banana
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    A McD chocolate shake has 1.5 calories per gram. Not too bad, really, if you compare it to other high calorie dense choices. I buy one shake, put it in the freezer and eat a couple of spoonfuls now and then weighing it as I go. If I need to fill up, a sparkling water can handle that job.
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    I guess the first one is a shake, as I make it in a shaker cup. This time of year (late summer where I am) I brew the coffee the day before, over the coconut, and refrigerate it until the next AM. Protein powder generally clumps if added directly to hot liquid.

    I use my food processor for the second one.

    I soak the chia seeds in about a half cup of water for minimum one hour before using, water and all.

  • UmmSqueaky
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    My go to protein smoothie (which I’m actually currently drinking right now for lunch)
    • Small banana (80-100g)
    • 200g plain fat free Greek yogurt
    • half a scoop of chocolate protein power
    • 12g pb2
    • water to desired consistency

    ~300 calories, depending on the size of the banana, ~35 grams of protein

    Sometimes switch out the banana for raspberries, and in the later fall, pumpkin pie filling and vanilla protein powder