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School lunch: should children or parents choose?



  • kshama2001kshama2001 Posts: 19,767Member Member Posts: 19,767Member Member
    In junior high (8th and 9th grade), I used to chuck the lunch my mom packed and buy ice cream sandwiches with money I'd earned from babysitting.

    IIRC, by high school I was eating school lunches.
  • runnermom419runnermom419 Posts: 335Member Member Posts: 335Member Member
    We rotate through a few staples in our house for lunches. For my daughter (2nd grade), it’s often a tuna sandwich or mac and cheese in a thermos. For my son (5K), it’s either turkey cheese or mac and cheese. We’ll sometimes put spaghetti in a thermos, but those are their staples. Both LOVE vegetables, so I’ll put slices of cucumber, green pepper, baby carrots, etc in. I’ll add a little treat (chips or a chewy bar) and a fruit along with their bottle of water and their good to go. They’ll give input for the “main” and sometimes the side, but neither are super picky. My daughter will study the hot lunch menu and will let us know the days she’d rather have hot lunch.

    Our daughter was adamant this year that she did not want milk at snack time. She takes after me; we can’t stand the taste of milk. We allowed her to make that decision for herself.
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