First Half Marathon

Looking for any first-time half marathon encouragement I can get. 8 more weeks before the race and I want to hear from folks who've run one before and what you learned in the process.


  • BachataDancer
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    Best of luck
  • cbihatt
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    I did a half marathon once, but I don’t think you want to hear about my experience. It was not pleasant and I will never do another one. Lots of people enjoy that distance, though, and you may be one of them. Good luck!
  • Sadie2PointOh
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    No advice as I'm not a runner, just wanted to say good luck! Anytime I'm driving behind someone who has that 13.1 or 26.2 sticker on the back of their car I think, "wow....that person is awesome!"
  • missysippy930
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    My daughter is a runner. She’s run several marathons quite a few 1/2’s, and countless 5k’s & 10k’s. Her last full and 1/2, she didn’t try for PR’s, she just was determined to have fun. She loves the encouragement from the spectators along the route. For her, she says pacing herself is key to finishing the bigger races. She’s usually a middle of the pack finisher, and she’s fine with that.

    Best of luck to you! It’s truly inspiring to be a spectator and watch all you runners persevere.
  • Joanna2012B
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    Oh how exciting. I have ran a few Half Marathons and 1 Marathon. Trust your training!! Don't go out gang busters. Keep a slower and steady pace for the first half of the run, save some gas in the tank for the end. Don't eat anything new the few days before the race. Most important.....HAVE FUN!!!!!!
  • mbaker566
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    do the work. enjoy the day.
    i like halfs. it's challenging but still fun.
  • cyndit1
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    I have run alot of halfs (upwards of 35) and the best advice I can give is 1) don't start to fast - everyone gets caught up in the pack and the excitement. You will burn out if you are running faster than your ability. 2) pick a pace and try to stay consistent 3) drink water at every stop even a sip. I carry a handheld bottle of my own but will stop for their water also. you never know when you'll be thursty especially on hot days. 4) most important.....have fun!! I still get nervous before every event but I've learned to not let the pressure get to my head....i'm not a pro athlete and won't be in the money spots so just enjoy the experience. Oh one aware of the music rules. Some race directors are very picky. I take an ear bud out when I see course marshalls so I can actually hear the directions and always finish without buds. HAVE FUN!
  • gocb1015
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    I hope it's a great experience for you. Agree with the folks above - don't get caught up in how fast the people around you start. Get to your pace and stick with it. And don't be afraid to walk if you need it. I've only run a handful of half marathons but I always see people walk/running so you won't be alone if you do so. And my favorite thing to do post-race (besides have a really cold beer) is to go to a reflexology place and get a leg massage. Maybe it's in my head but that seems to make the next day so much better. Good luck! Enjoy yourself.
  • estepicursor
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    I've run 5 HMs before, but I haven't done one in over 5 years so in a lot of ways we are in the same boat; I am currently training for one and I am 4 weeks out. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is don't start too fast. It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of it all and start out too fast and pay for it later. Most important--allow yourself to have fun!!
  • Squish815
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    Can't give any advice based on experience (my first half is just over 4 weeks away!) but I will say most people have given me the same advice as you've had above - don't start too fast, run at your pace and enjoy yourself!

    Good luck! :smile:
  • bebeisfit
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    Great advice here. Especially about starting slow.

    I've done two. One I trained religiously and did great. One I slacked and hated it. Do the training.