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Quick lunch ideas

amyhow113amyhow113 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
in Recipes
I typically have chicken salad or salmon and veg but I’m getting bored of this! I do have access to a microwave but as there is only one, there is often a queue and I only have 30mins. Please help!


  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member Member, Premium Posts: 6,988 Member
    I would make a vegetable salad with a protein tossed in. You wouldn't need to use the microwave. Roasted veggies wouldn't need to be reheated either.
  • gallicinvasiongallicinvasion Member, Premium Posts: 870 Member Member, Premium Posts: 870 Member
    Batch-cook something delicious on Sundays! I love chilis (veggie, turkey, or beef), spaghetti squash and meatballs (Italian, honey sriracha, Korean bbq, thai turkey, etc), turkey burgers with a side of Greek yogurt coleslaw, marinated chicken thighs with stir fried veggies, Greek marinated chicken with cucumber/tomato/red onion salad and tzatziki, Slow-Cooker many good choices!
  • littlegreenparrot1littlegreenparrot1 Member Posts: 351 Member Member Posts: 351 Member
    Buy some lovely hummus, tomatoes, oatcakes, prep some crudities.
    Spread oatcakes with hummous, eat with the veg. Yum.

    Wraps with salad and falafel.

    Might be worth experimenting with a thermos to see if it keeps things hot for long enough, that way soup/ stew etc becomes an option. Waiting is a pain in the neck when you have so little time.
  • duskyjewelduskyjewel Member Posts: 286 Member Member Posts: 286 Member
    My husband and I almost always eat dinner leftovers for work lunches. I usually double and triple recipes anyway (we have five children) so I have leftovers a lot.

    Do you eat lots of different cuisines? Because that can help with varying flavor profiles and trying ingredients you haven't had before. Some of my faves are Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Greek, and Indian in addition to my pretty classic American staples.

    I have one kid who likes to take naan or pita with hummus in her lunch. Several in my family like sushi, and there is a grocery store near me that has fresh sushi every day that is not insanely expensive. (I'm a good cook but I leave sushi to people who know what they are doing. ;) )

    I adore pureed vegetable soups and I often make batches of those just for lunches.

    Basically most of these are quick because they are cooked ahead and just reaheated.
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