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1600 calories a day

MarceeyaMarceeya Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
Can folks please share what their typical days looks like eating 1600 calories. TIA!!!


  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Posts: 7,211Member Member Posts: 7,211Member Member
    I found this online, maybe this is what you are looking for?

    I eat about 1600 calories a day, but it is not typical.
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Posts: 6,895Member Member Posts: 6,895Member Member
    None of my days are typical. :)

    One recent 1640 calorie day was

    Breakfast (364 cals):
    coffee (2 cals)
    Half of a bacon, egg and cheese bialy (that's just a flavor of bialy -- it didn't have bacon, egg, and cheese on it -- and I think I probably only at) (205 cals)
    butter (100 cals)
    168 grams of lemon drop melon (a variety of cantaloupe) (57 cals)

    Morning snack
    2 dark chocolate Dove Promises (85 cals)

    a club roll (192 cals) with mustard (11 cals), nearly 3 oz of turkey (87 cals), 2 oz. of braunschweiger/liverwurst (120 cals)

    Afternoon snack
    22 g roasted soynuts (105 cals)

    1 packet of instant whole grain Cream of Wheat (unsweetened) (150 cals)
    31 g cheddar cheese (122 cals)
    1 large egg, poached (74 cals)

    Evening snack
    half of a sesame bagel (130 cals)
    96 g grapes (64 cals)
    1.5 oz soft sheep's milk cheese (135 cals)

  • adrianaaguilar09adrianaaguilar09 Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    one cup of fiber one cereal
    half of bananna
    1/2 tbsp of chia seeds
    1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

    Mid morning snack:
    Nature Valley Peanut butter Protein Bar

    Open faced sandwich on
    Daves killer bread light 60 calories
    2 slices of turkey deli meat
    4 slices of tomoato
    4 rings of onion
    1/2 tablepoon of mayo
    .80 ounce of monterey jack cheese
    ( melt the cheese on sandwhich by putting it in the oven )
    if I am going to the gym or going to excersize I add 88 grams of avocado

    side of baby carrots about 4 ounces

    Dinner :
    sometimes i eat the same thing as lunch with a side of lentil soup 1 cup.

    4 ounces of salmon or 3 ounces of chicken breast
    1/4 cup of brown rice or quinoa
    side of sauteed spinach in 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and garlic

    if I have worked out or if I still have some calories left over
    I will eat low fat greek yogurt with a couple of ounces of strawberries

    or a chocolate protien shake
  • lady_bug_jdlady_bug_jd Posts: 194Member Member Posts: 194Member Member
    Here’s a typical day for me.

    Breakfast (220 calories)
    1/2 cup Fibre One cereal
    1/2 cup 1% milk
    Small box raisins
    1/4 cup blueberries

    Lunch (300 calories)
    Sautéed onion, pepper, mushroom & spinach in olive oil with 2 large eggs.


    Avocado, tomato, cucumber sandwich on toasted rye bread with mayo.

    Snack (200 calories)
    Peanuts, pretzels or popcorn

    Dinner (610 calories)
    4oz salmon
    1/2 cup quinoa
    Greek green beans
    1/2 cup carrots

    Dessert (250 calories)
    Usually chocolate

    Total calories: 1580
  • LesselfLesself Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    12 oz Coffee w/cream
    Scoop of coconut chocolate protein with collagen

    1 Trader Joe's Gluten Free Crisp Bread
    1 Slice Tillamook Swiss Cheese
    1/2 C. egg salad (or salmon salad) made with mayo, onions, celery
    1/2 C. shredded lettuce

    2 Chicken Thighs- (or whatever the meat of the day)
    With low cal sauce and flavorings in Hot Pot
    Miracle noodles
    Asparagus or green beans, with butter and garlic
    1 4 oz glass white wine

    1 serving cheese cake (I make them as cupcakes and keep in fridge) lemon or chocolate
    1 Slimfast bar, preferably caramel peanut
    2 GF Peanut butter cookies
  • NadNightNadNight Posts: 694Member Member Posts: 694Member Member
    Porridge made with 40g oats and 120ml semi skim milk topped with a banana and 1tsp honey (322cals)

    Cheese and tomato omelette with baked beans (2 large eggs, 150g beans, 20g cheese, 5g cooking oil, handful cherry tomato, quarter red onion) (405cals)

    Beef stroganoff with rice
    Beef (120g), creme fraiche (2tbsp), mustard (1/2 tsp), chestnut mushrooms, 1 cup rice, 5g cooking oil (488cal)

    Mango low fat Greek yoghurt (90cals)
    2 plums (60cals)
    Chilli and lime mixed nuts (160cals)

    tea with semi skim milk, green tea
  • callsitlikeiseeitcallsitlikeiseeit Posts: 6,562Member Member Posts: 6,562Member Member
    most days i dont eat quite that much, but my diary is open if you want to look. other than my breakfast (coffee and creamer) i dont have a 'typical' day. I eat what I want/plan for.
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