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Cutting down on meat. Need help

garyggriffingaryggriffin Posts: 318Member Member Posts: 318Member Member
So people I'm trying to cut down on meat and eat more plant stuff.... breakfast and snacks are easy but what the hell do you have for lunch and dinner.
I normally would have chicken or some type of cow, but seen some video on facebook and yeah put me off...
Trying to do it in small steps rather than going cold Turkey.
I'm trying to gain weight so just eating lettuce and carrots ain't gonna do me any flavours..
My snacks would involve nuts, peanut butters, bananas, apples, homemade protein bars etc etc. Just lunches and dinners I need advice with...


  • garyggriffingaryggriffin Posts: 318Member Member Posts: 318Member Member
    I'm still happy to eat eggs, dairy maybe fish.
  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Posts: 4,945Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,945Member, Premium Member
    I'm a pescatarian which is a plant based diet with seafood, eggs and some dairy.

    Would you have the same aversion to fish?

    How about trying things like roasted veggies? You could use additional oils or fat of some kind to up the calories.
  • garyggriffingaryggriffin Posts: 318Member Member Posts: 318Member Member
    LyndaBSS wrote: »
    I'm a pescatarian which is a plant based diet with seafood, eggs and some dairy.

    Would you have the same aversion to fish?

    How about trying things like roasted veggies? You could use additional oils or fat of some kind to up the calories.

    I've got no prob eating salmon, tuna..
  • Safari_Gal_Safari_Gal_ Posts: 77Member, Premium Member Posts: 77Member, Premium Member
    I love avocados. I have to limit since I’m trying to cut right now - but if you are trying to gain - they are your friend too!

    Some other plant based ideas with or without dairy- Eggplant parmigiana?
    Tried peanut stew? Can add or not add chicken.
    Egg frittata?
    Vegetable lasagna- use zucchini or eggplant and omit ground beef.

    Check this avocado recipe link-
  • healthylily2019healthylily2019 Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    I love to make curries using chick peas, and also marinated chick peas. I add marinated chick peas on top of salads and they fill me up. One can of rinsed chick peas, add juice of one lime, half a clove of garlic, minced, 1 tbs olive oil, salt and pepper. I also eat less meat and the stuff I do eat is humanely raised.
  • MoKaazMoKaaz Posts: 116Member Member Posts: 116Member Member
    I usually have a cheese cucumber sandwich at lunch and dinner is normally some egg product. Egg or a tofu substitute for meat.
  • NewMeSM75NewMeSM75 Posts: 974Member, Premium Member Posts: 974Member, Premium Member
    Mushroom quesadillas are the bomb! Sautee mushrooms with garlic, onions and little thyme. I like the ole xtreme wellness tortillas. Tortilla, provolone cheese, mushroom mixture, provolone, fold over tortilla. Cook in nonstick skillet with butter or I use olive oil spray. Deeeeelicious!

    Also, stuffed peppers. Vegetarian chili. Stuffed zucchini. Soups (lentil, broccoli, zucchini, potato, tomato).

    Vegetable skewers. Eggplant parm. I oven bake my eggplant instead of frying.

    Cheese ravioli. Pasta with fresh tomato sauce.

    Morning star makes some pretty descent vegetarian options also.

    Few of my ideas. Lol.

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  • novio50novio50 Posts: 774Member Member Posts: 774Member Member
    Stick to legumes. I would do a quinoa bean mix or some type of black bean burger and fries for lunch. Dinner I would go with something like mushrooms or jack fruit. Give it a try, you won't die....
  • ThatJuJitsuWomanThatJuJitsuWoman Posts: 82Member Member Posts: 82Member Member
    This evening I had vegetable stew with a load of peanut butter stirred into it. I would have loved a thick slice of crusty bread with it, but I’m trying to lose weight not gain!

    Chilli made with soya mince and beans, served with rice and cornbread is very filling (and the cornbread is sadly high in calories!). I’m a big fan of Mexican type food. Indian is also great, there are lots of filling dishes made with chickpeas or potatoes. You could also add paneer, and serve everything with rice and naan bread.

    I don’t eat meat at all but I’ve always found it easy to gain weight. Losing it is a different matter 😁
  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 13,728Member Member Posts: 13,728Member Member
    Beans, lentils, soy products and fish would be your best bet. Google-ing "vegetarian meals" will probably get you some ideas of how to structure a meal without meat, in addition to the ideas you get here.

    Being an ethical vegetarian is your choice, but beware of throwing your diet into chaos because of "some video on facebook". And there is nothing wrong with slowly removing meat from your diet as you continue to learn ways to replace it. When you grow up with meals centered around meat, it can be hard to visualize a full plate of food without meat that doesn't leave you looking for protein!

    When I was looking to increase the protein in my diet without adding more meat, it was beans, lentils, Greek yogurt, and a bit more fish that did the trick.
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  • hmhill17hmhill17 Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    I've made some decent tofu curries and stir fries. Add chickpeas or beans to a salad. I'll make a batch of black beans and eat it with brown rice and pico de gallo. Dab of Greek yogurt on top instead of sour cream and more protein.
  • nooshi713nooshi713 Posts: 3,333Member Member Posts: 3,333Member Member
    I gave up meat 9 months ago and I use some meat substitutes, veggie burgers, etc.

    I also make a lot of rice and beans and recently starting making more stews like sweet potato and black bean, African peanut, and Indian dishes as well.
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  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,799Member Member Posts: 2,799Member Member
    If you're willing to eat fish and eggs there's also the option of buying other meats that are slaughtered and butchered in more humane ways (both humane for the animals and the humans). I would hazard that some videos that you see on Facebook (among other places) aren't good representations of animal husbandry and slaughter (given the videos you can find of wool shearing vs typical practices).

    Barring that, it's exceedingly easy to find good Indian recipes that are meat free. I also am a fan of cooking all manner of non-Indian curries without meat. Here are some links to recipes that I've saved recently that I have made or want to make. Some have fish but most don't have any animal products (and it appears the bulk are from The Guardian). Some of the links from the Guardian have more than one recipe with at least one containing meat, I'm obviously not pointing you towards the ones that contain meat. (this one is amazing)
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  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 9,531Member Member Posts: 9,531Member Member
    I would recommend checking out some vegan or vegetarian cookbooks (Isa Chandra Moskowitz has done some good ones)...thing is, it's usually very easy to adapt those recipes to include stuff like (some) meat, eggs, dairy, etc., much easier than it would be to just use a traditional cookbook and try to "de-meat" all of the recipes. My husband eats a pescetarian diet and we honestly eat more vegan stuff than fish, at home. We often make "vegan" recipes but then add dairy cheese (for example).

    I loved the ideas above especially the ones from NewMeSM75...but we eat a lot of beans, lentils, chickpeas, baked russet or sweet potatoes with nutritional yeast, chickpea stew, TVP seasoned like taco meat, extra firm tofu seared in a pan or in stir fries, edamame & hummus on a wrap with lots of veggies, etc.

    Morningstar grillers veggie burgers on a bed of rice with a fried egg is one of my favorite meals especially with a bit of homemade brown gravy (using "no beef" broth)'s like Loco Moco, but vegetarian. So good!

    If you have an Aldi store near you, they have amazing vegetarian meatballs with Italian seasoning. Very good on a sandwich or in pasta with marinara.

    Also, avocado is a nice source of calories & good fat if you're trying to gain (and if you like the taste of avocado).
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  • cuteangelkittencuteangelkitten Posts: 96Member Member Posts: 96Member Member
    I am vegetarian and I eat cereal , oatmeal, veggie patties, toast with guacamole, egg sandwiches, veggie soups, rice, lentils, quinoa, apples, peaches, grapes, yogurt, beans, peanut butter sandwiches, crackers and nut butter,and pasta to name a few things that I like to have for lunch or dinner. If you need more ideas, I have plenty! Also I eat pancakes for dinner usually twice a week or more :)
  • cuteangelkittencuteangelkitten Posts: 96Member Member Posts: 96Member Member

    While I'm not there yet myself, I applaud ethical vegetarians and vegans.

    Thanks for the shout out! I went vegetarian when I was 9, vegan when I was 13, and now vegetarian again :) I am in it for ethical and health
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,799Member Member Posts: 2,799Member Member
    Also the Moosewood cookbooks by Mollie Katzen are great.
  • phx92phx92 Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member
    I haven’t ever eaten plant based really but if you like Mexican food you can make some good stuff with no meat—things like beans(black or pinto), squash, rice, avocado, corn, tomatoes, peppers and onions are all good. Spices and salsas can give you a lot of flavor. You can use pretty much any of those to make tacos (potato tacos are amazing), burritos/burrito bowls (breakfast burritos are great all day), or enchiladas. Bean tostadas are great (I’ve never actually checked the calories or nutrition on them, but it’s a fried crispy corn tortilla so idk)

    Other meatless meals I’ve eaten: baked potato/sweet potato, pb&j, veggie omelettes, chili, black bean burgers (texture is softer than meat but flavorful).

    I have some vegetarian friends who love mushrooms, especially the big portabellos.
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