How was your adjustment into maintenance?

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I just had a little practice in maintenance during a two week diet break that I am coming to the end of (tomorrow is my last day). I kind of let loose a little too much and went over calories most days and didn't log at times, however I think it was worth it so that I had the break and extra nutrition to build back up my energy and nutrients perhaps.

I have aiming for a deficit for a year and a half, with only one haphazardly done other two week long diet break at the end of spring, (plenty of slip ups of going over and not logging during the deficit though - but have lost 65 lbs.) and it was scary practicing maintenance these past two weeks. I really thought everyday about just going back into a deficit to lose the last 5-10 pounds now but ended up not doing so. I wish I would have stuck to maintenance calories a bit better and not debated ending the break so as to not stress myself out and just take advantage of the break.

I think I also had an approach to where I thought this was a good opportunity to let loose and go way over calories, however I don't want to do that in maintenance. I stick with my calorie goals much better when aiming for a deficit but maintenance seems a bit harder to be motivated for.

I am just wondering what everyone's transition from deficit to maintenance looked like? Did you all struggle with the same things? How did it play out and how can I learn from you? How long until you get used to it?


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    What habits have you developed that help you stick to your deficit calorie target? (Logging and weighing everything, drinking more water, prepping lunches, eating out only once a week, ordering only an entree or an appetizer and not both, exercising two days a week, weighing yourself weekly?) All your habits should stay exactly the same in maintenance; the only thing that should change is your daily calorie total.

    If some of your habits look too difficult to stick to for the rest of your life in maintenance, see how you can rework that habit so that it’s sustainable and easier to stick to, but still allows you to hit your calorie target.

    For example, I love McDonalds. But I used to eat way too much. I am not willing to give up McDonalds for the rest of my life, so that’s not a habit change I made. However, I AM willing to commit to only eat McDonalds while on a road trip, and only ordering one sandwich and one side when I do that. I reworked an impossible habit into a lifetime sustainable habit that still lets me hit my calorie goal.

    love ^^^
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    I'm great at losing and I'm amazing at gaining, but when it comes to maintaining, every day is a challenge.

    In 2011 I lost 50lbs (193 - 143, at 5'11). I felt great, and got a "big ego" thinking I could never go "back". I was right on the going "back" since I never actually gained it ALL back, but I tend toward the low 160's, then get back on my game and lose it again. My Healthy BMI is anywhere between 179 - 133, so even in the 160's I'm healthy, but I feel like cow. LOL

    My goal this time is to get to 150, stop losing, and try to stay between 147 - 153. But that's been my goal before. Most of the times before I'd keep losing, getting into the low 140's, thinking "I'm good" and it slowly comes back. OR I get to 150ish and figure "end game" "it's winter" "oh, my clothes fit". Maybe the 5th time is a charm?

    So I just started listening to a podcast called “Half Size Me” created by a woman who yo-yoed but then found a mindset and way of life to maintain 170 lbs. loss. Someone mentioned it in these forums and I decided to listen one day and I highly highly recommend it! Been binging it all week lol. Maybe she might help. She has a free podcast, does coaching calls, courses and stuff. She’s awesome and is all about not focusing on weight loss but weight maintenance. I’m sorry you’ve been up and down but at least you know how to lose it! That’s something many don’t!!
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    I have been pretty lucky and been able to maintain for about five years now. I definitely run into periods where I fall off a bit, but have been able to pull it back in before it gets outs of control.
    Developing some good habits (weight training) that will always be a part of my life certainly helped in that regard. I also found a bunch of foods that I eat routinely that pack a pretty low calorie hit, and serve my macro needs, so most of my days kind of just take care of themselves and I don't have to worry too much about counting calories.

    More importantly I always maintained that I was going to make changes I could sustain for life. I was never going to spend 3 hours a day in the gym or give up coffee, alcohol and wing I just found a balance that allows that.

    I really don't log anymore. I just hang around for the community chats, and recipe ideas, fitness discussions etc.
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    However, after a couple years of maintenance my trouble spots tighten up and I was thrilled!

    this right there is a very good maintainers incentive! I am 2 years in and it hasn't been entirely a cake walk but I also love to run so that helps with the CO part. My transition this time was probably the best in all my years of yo yo in that instead of bouncing and ending with boom, I just set my goal a little bit higher than before and eased into maintenance gradually increasing cals. I would say it would be all picture perfect that way but then I got an injury and then I got the FLU which made me start the bounce around thing during my first year. This year has been better as I have looked at things a lot more LONG term and set monthly type goals like "get 7 hrs of sleep avg this morning" or "eat a little more protein a couple meals this month" small type things. But always in the back of my mind for the very long term is the quote above. I do think 2 years in that there is some improvement. I have to keep reminding myself that the tighten up part can't happen if I bounce around with the regain and lose again stuff as my body needs to know I am where I am to stay.

    hoping to join the ranks of 3 yr maintainers for next year.