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How was your adjustment into maintenance?

peachvine29peachvine29 Posts: 228Member Member Posts: 228Member Member
I just had a little practice in maintenance during a two week diet break that I am coming to the end of (tomorrow is my last day). I kind of let loose a little too much and went over calories most days and didn't log at times, however I think it was worth it so that I had the break and extra nutrition to build back up my energy and nutrients perhaps.

I have aiming for a deficit for a year and a half, with only one haphazardly done other two week long diet break at the end of spring, (plenty of slip ups of going over and not logging during the deficit though - but have lost 65 lbs.) and it was scary practicing maintenance these past two weeks. I really thought everyday about just going back into a deficit to lose the last 5-10 pounds now but ended up not doing so. I wish I would have stuck to maintenance calories a bit better and not debated ending the break so as to not stress myself out and just take advantage of the break.

I think I also had an approach to where I thought this was a good opportunity to let loose and go way over calories, however I don't want to do that in maintenance. I stick with my calorie goals much better when aiming for a deficit but maintenance seems a bit harder to be motivated for.

I am just wondering what everyone's transition from deficit to maintenance looked like? Did you all struggle with the same things? How did it play out and how can I learn from you? How long until you get used to it?
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  • KresentKresent Posts: 39Member Member Posts: 39Member Member
    I totally blew it. From perfect goal weight and 55 year old abs I logged a surplus for a few months and was getting stronger with heavy lifting. But......I'd occasionally miss a workout or have an abysmal food day. But I was only 2-3 pounds heavier than the previous month so I didn't really get too worried. Broke a rib squatting one day and I didn't let off the calories. One year later I'd gained fifty pounds and it wasn't muscle! Back on strict Whole30. When I have abs again I'll start weight lifting with a 56 year old mindset but I will only increase my calories on the day after I've logged a workout.

    On another note: I never had a headache or any stomach upset for 500 days when I was in a calorie deficit. Not so in my poor maintenance routine.
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  • cupcakesandproteinshakescupcakesandproteinshakes Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
    I actually increased to maintenance cals straight away with no gradual increase. I logged for several months quite carefully. Then I eased up and would describe myself as a sloppy logger now. I have days where I don’t log and I don’t weigh stuff any more. It’s worked so far since 2014.
    You can try maintenance for a while and see how it goes. Then if you want to lose a few more pounds you can. I think dieting is emotionally and physically stressful and a long break of several months in maintenance served me well.

    I’m losing a few vanity pounds now because I want to try a bulk over winter.
  • sijomialsijomial Posts: 15,244Member Member Posts: 15,244Member Member
    I just transitioned from my 3500/week deficit, 1lb/week loss straight to maintenance calories.
    Wasn't a struggle for me at all - I just regarded it as a return to normal after an interlude of dieting/restriction.

    I get just as much satisfaction from seeing the bathroom scales telling me I'm in my maintenance range as I did when I was dieting. How nice to have a small victory (most) days rather than a victory once in a while..... :)

    Did continue to experiment with different weight ranges and make adjustments over the years as I don't regard maintenance as a flat line forever. I also don't see the need to "balance the books" on a daily or weekly basis - I take a much longer view than that.

    Very important to know yourself and seek to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. For me the least amount of restrictions possible means I'm happier and maintain easier.
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