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Introducing myself

ttaylor1104ttaylor1104 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
Hi everyone I’m Terri and I am a little shy but I am excited to join everyone with my fitness journey


  • PiscesIntuitionPiscesIntuition Posts: 1,182Member Member Posts: 1,182Member Member
    Greetings Terri! Welcome! Hop on in!
  • Mo2sexyMo2sexy Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Posts: 4,950Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,950Member, Premium Member
    Welcome to the community! <3

    If you haven't already, read the stickies at the top of the getting started forum. Very informative and helpful.

    Buy a food scale. Weigh everything you eat and log into the food diary.

    Good luck with your journey!
  • aracely2224aracely2224 Posts: 565Member Member Posts: 565Member Member
    Welcome! MFP has helped me achieve my goals with the calorie count. I’m cheering for you!

    You can do it! 🌺
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