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Raise your hand if you've lost over 50 lbs!



  • kristen8000kristen8000 Posts: 601Member Member Posts: 601Member Member
    Lost 50lbs back in 2011-2012. But have regained and lost the same 15lbs about every 2 years.

    So if you count the "re-loss" I might be up to the both hands! LOL

    Let's just say my body doesn't like the goal weight I like.
  • AshBeanerAshBeaner Posts: 18Member, Premium Member Posts: 18Member, Premium Member
    77 lbs down here!
  • LAT1963LAT1963 Posts: 1,261Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,261Member, Premium Member
    lifting 2 fingers. only about 18 lbs. Unless you add up all the pounds lost in prior yoyos, in which case probably 80-100 lbs.
  • IslandGal3IslandGal3 Posts: 1,410Member Member Posts: 1,410Member Member
    76 lbs. Been on my journey for over 9 years now.
  • JaymzBrJaymzBr Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    140lbs total after a bump up after hip surgery and had to lose 30+ to get back there.
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Posts: 2,814Member Member Posts: 2,814Member Member
  • LesssambythedayLesssambytheday Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    66 lbs down since May of this year! Feels good, but still a long way to go.
  • FluffyKitty987FluffyKitty987 Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member

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