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To maintain or to lose those last 15...

maybe1pemaybe1pe Posts: 494Member Member Posts: 494Member Member
I've been maintaining my weight easily for the last 18ish months... (stopped losing spring 2018 sometime). I lost 115lbs over about 3 years using MFP.

I'm 28F, 29 soon, 5'5" and 165. My goal had been to lose into a healthy weight range, but early 2018 decided to take a break for maintenance while I worked on figuring out my low blood pressure. My dr. doesn't think I need to lose more weight necessarily and is unsure how it will effect my blood pressure moving forward. I am on medication now which keeps it high enough for the most part...

I do mostly weight lifting 5-6 days a week, following a program with a coach that focuses on progressive overload. It's 3 lower body days, 2 upper body and 1 full body cardio type workout a week. I also walk between 10-15,000 steps a day (have three dogs, one is a young mini Aussie with too much energy so we are constantly on the go with him).

Currently maintaining my weight on 2300-2500 calories a day average.

Here's my problem... I keep mentally thinking I want to get into the healthy weight range, or at least try and see how my blood pressure responds... HOWEVER every time I try to cut I feel like my energy levels and workouts take a huge dive...

I managed a consistent deficit for 6 weeks earlier this year and felt like absolute crap... workouts suffered, my muscle recovery tanked and instead of recovering I was just sore all the time, wasn't sleeping well, constantly had headaches. It just...SUCKED.

I seem to be able to manage a 300 calorie deficit for a few weeks before I start to feel negative side effects. I'll be honest I didn't track much while in maintenance so my calories are estimated. It's possible I was eating more and therefore trying to lose on 2000 is a steep cut but realistically it should be 300-500 calories from my TDEE.

I know how to lose weight, now that I've committed to tracking the last month I track accurately, weigh everything, even prepacked items, hit my protein, know what macros I feel good on. I just can't figure out how to make workouts not suck in a deficit and don't want to compromise my lifting... I enjoy my activity level and am not willing to cut any of that out, so I don't know how to make losing these last few lbs work form...

I genuinely don't know what to do and am just looking for suggestions/advice/experiences from other long term maintainers...kind of trying to avoid the other forums...


  • FitDiva1993FitDiva1993 Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
    I say just lose it, you’ll feel happier with yourself and accomplished and then you can maintain forever and never have to worry about losing weight again....unless you just want to.
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