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Where im at and preparing to start cutting next month. Ideas?

cfgreearcfgreear Posts: 165Member Member Posts: 165Member Member
So bit of an update on where i'm at right now. I've been trying to increase muscle so that I can burn fat better when I go on a strict cut. I'm running everyday to help with recovery and improve my lungs, doing calisthenics everyday as well. I've increased weight on all of my lifts while keeping good form and rep range. And i've gained a little weight but nothing that I cant lose in the next cut.

Ive been working out hard for 4 days and take 2 days of rest and have been trying to sleep at least 5 to 6 hours a night. So things are improving, im getting a lot stronger than I was. Made some huge improvements since going to a home gym instead of regular gym cause I can focus more and take my time on all muscle groups.

Next month I start a very clean cut. Chicken breast or eggs, veggies, and fruit. Small meals but many throughout the day. I already drink a gallon of water everyday, so ill continue that or add more to it. Ill drop protein bars altogether and stick to only my small prepared meals. Going to shoot for between 2800 and 2700 calories per day for the cut. And I will drop weights a little and increase rep range to the 10-12 rep range. This sound pretty good for a cut? Any ideas?


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