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Well, I failed. So I'm back...

smn888smn888 Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
I did great last year... lost 40 lbs. Went from 280 to 240.... I was so sure I'd get to 200 by this time and be amazing. But life got a bit rough, I lost track... and stopped using mfp.

just got back from the Dr. (my GP) and he says by bloodpressure is 170/100 and that my blood sugar is almost certainly in the diabetic range. He wants me to get the lab work done asap so he can see where my levels are at.

So.... I'm back... I know it worked before I just have to keep on track and not slip off again.

200..... I'm coming for ya.


  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 1,962Member Member Posts: 1,962Member Member
    You can’t change history. But you can learn from it. Welcome back!
    The only people who fail are those who quit trying. Don’t quit!
  • mehennes06mehennes06 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    You got this!!! I'm just getting back into the swing of things to. OTF morning sessions are not my happy place but tomorrow will be my first one in 3 months, so I'll be right there with you. We can do this!
  • GreenValliGreenValli Posts: 668Member Member Posts: 668Member Member
    Love your attitude, "I'm coming for ya!"

    You did it before so just get back to doing what you need to do.
    I might suggest that you make a list of all the things you can do that will help you.
    I have struggled with too much weight my whole adult life.
    I lost 75 lbs and crept back up a bit but decided I will never go above 200 lbs again.

    Just last week, I just overate with a wedding (great food), BBQ, and another get together.
    Went up 5 lbs but lost 2. So just got back on the horse and going back down again.

    Take that word "failed" out of your vocabulary, please. You did not fail because you learned from your experience.

    I can do it! You can, too, SMN888!
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  • NoHookUpZoneNoHookUpZone Posts: 1,387Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,387Member, Premium Member
    Welcome back
  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Posts: 4,822Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,822Member, Premium Member
    Welcome back to the community! <3

    If you haven't already, read the stickies at the top of the getting started forum. Very informative and helpful.

    You know what you need to do! 👍

    Buy a food scale if you don't have one. Weigh everything you eat and log into the food diary.

    Good luck with your journey!
  • bear2303bear2303 Posts: 112Member Member Posts: 112Member Member
    Welcome back, also you didn't fail, you just took a bit of time off and now you're ready to get back at it again in full force. For me, I realized that I'll probably have to track for a LONG time (at least a year or two) because it's one of the only things that keeps me really accountable. I still slip up occasionally but knowing that i need to just write it down keeps me from going too far over board. Anytime I've slipped up and gained back a significant amount of weight its because I stopped tracking. Stay here with us and commit to a long time and I'm sure you'll do great!
  • JBanx256JBanx256 Posts: 422Member Member Posts: 422Member Member
    Setbacks happen. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go back at it!
  • chefsam5000chefsam5000 Posts: 18Member Member Posts: 18Member Member
    Welcome back & good luck! 🍀
  • SoccermavrickSoccermavrick Posts: 374Member Member Posts: 374Member Member
    Welcome back. But by the way, you only fail if you give up. We all fail off the horse, what matters is that you get back up on the horse.
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