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Hello All!

sunflower13152sunflower13152 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
Hello Everyone! My name is Holly and I am using myfitnesspal in conjunction with Under Armour Record to help me stay on track and lose 40 pounds! I have been living the Paleo lifestyle for a couple of weeks and I am already down 15 pounds. I thought that I would keep track of my eating habits using myfitnesspal and I have to say, it has been working. Does anyone have any good recipes for Paleo?


  • LyndaBSSLyndaBSS Posts: 4,953Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,953Member, Premium Member
    Welcome to the community! <3

    If you haven't already, read the stickies at the top of the getting started forum. Very informative and helpful.

    There is a recipe forum you can check out. There are also Paleo threads.

    Buy a food scale. Weigh everything you eat and log into the food diary.

    Good luck with your journey!
  • JBanx256JBanx256 Posts: 423Member Member Posts: 423Member Member
    hi Holly & welcome!
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