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Walking for weight loss

charbabe7602charbabe7602 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
Has anyone lost weight from doing a daily walking regimen? How has it worked for you?


  • Cavallaro65Cavallaro65 Posts: 143Member Member Posts: 143Member Member
    Well yes and no. Weight loss comes primarily from eating right, being in a caloric deficit. Walking helps and helped me feel healthier and I believe it helped me lose weight to a certain degree. I walk my condo complex and it's very hilly so it's a pretty good workout. I do intermittent jogging to now. I'll walk the first lap around, then I'll walk a quarter, run a quarter and switch back forth. Feels great, I like it a lot.
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  • denjan333denjan333 Posts: 61Member, Premium Member Posts: 61Member, Premium Member
    Walking does not make you lose weight. Only a calorie deficit will do that. You can increase the deficit with walking if you like.
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 664Member Member Posts: 664Member Member
    Walking definitely helps with overall health and well being and if you would like to increase your calorie deficit. I did that for first several months of my journey and lost the first 50 some lbs that way.
  • geraldaltmangeraldaltman Posts: 929Member, Premium Member Posts: 929Member, Premium Member
    Walking is paramount to overall health and fitness--along with calorie deficit. I have lost 25 plus pounds since May because I have been doing considerable amounts of walking since having my hips replaced earlier this year--along with calorie deficit, which I actually only started monitoring again less than three weeks ago! That's my view and I'm sticking to it 😝
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  • charbabe7602charbabe7602 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my post, this has been extremely encouraging!
  • threewinsthreewins Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    I have to say that I found walking the most enjoyable exercise, however it tends to use a lot of time. Great form of exercise if you are time rich, not so good if time poor.
  • threewinsthreewins Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    merekins wrote: »
    We all know weight loss is deficient but do think there is something about exercises beyond the calorie burn that keeps you focused on your goal and makes it easier to stick to your plan. Mainly, it is a physical commitment that for me, I don’t want to blow the time or work I put in. It’s too darn hard to make that time or do those workouts. I started with walking and even if that was all I did, it made it much easier to stay on track.

    Exactly. "If I eat this piece of cake, I'm blowing that 2 hour walk I did this morning".
  • charbabe7602charbabe7602 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
    I have to work on that.... I love to snack and blow my calorie deficit, especially if I'm stressed out. However, I do find that walking has been a helpful method to manage that stress... :)
  • SoleTrainer60SoleTrainer60 Posts: 166Member Member Posts: 166Member Member
    I don’t always stay within my calorie limit, but I try to walk at least 5 days a week. It does help with weight loss, by burning calories.We need to eat a healthy diet and one important thing that I do is try to use portion control as best as I can. Walking is still one of the best exercises that one can do.It helps us mentally and physically. I also understand that not all people can do a walking exercise regimen daily, but any amount of exercise is good. I wish you well. :)
  • charbabe7602charbabe7602 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
    I just realized on the app, i had put that i am active but in actuality, its more lightly active and maybe that is part of the reason why i wasnt losing weight as well.... so im definitely going to get my steps in!
  • DanpDanp Posts: 1,148Member Member Posts: 1,148Member Member
    Eat for weight loss, exercise for fitness.

    While walking will increase your daily calorie burn as you'll be more active the increase is relatively minimal. Losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit and that is far easier to achieve by reducing your calorie intake than trying to burn it off by walking.

    Achieving a 500cal/day deficit via eating only requires some pretty small changes. A smaller portion here, a lower cal substitution there and you're done. For example. Switching 2 cans of soft drink for a zero cal version and slightly reducing your portions at breakfast, lunch and dinner (by just 50cal each) would create the required 500cal deficit to reduce body fat by 1lbs per week

    Creating that same calorie deficit via walking requires (depending on stats) a daily walk for between 1.5hrs-2hrs at a brisk pace. Keep in mind that increasing your activity level most often comes with a corresponding increase in appetite to fuel this extra activity so any extra calories consumed to satisfy this hunger reduces, negates or even reverses the calories burned.

    You're far better off seeing walking as a path to health, wellbeing and fitness rather than weight loss.
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  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 1,967Member Member Posts: 1,967Member Member
    Yes. Walking was the only thing that I planned, did on purpose. But as others said, I also ate less because of the awareness. My family ate ice cream together most nights, and I walked while they ate their ice cream. That helped, too.
  • cheryldumaischeryldumais Posts: 1,699Member Member Posts: 1,699Member Member
    From the beginning of my journey walking has been the exercise I do consistently. I lost 100 lbs. However I also dropped my calories significantly. Now at goal weight 5 - 6 miles/day gives me an extra 200 or so calories. As you can see that's easy to wipe out. I do find it reduces appetite some and also helps lower stress. So yes, it can help but if you eat more because you are exercising you won't lose any weight just because you are walking. I believe it has helped my arthritis tremendously though and for that reason alone it is worth it. Start slow and work up.
  • SilentpadnaSilentpadna Posts: 1,225Member Member Posts: 1,225Member Member
    When I first got started creating a calorie deficit to lose weight, I incorporated walking into the program. To the extent that walking was a difference, I can say it likely helped. To what extent, I did not measure. It got me active, I improved my endurance and cardio ability while doing it, and I certainly felt better.

    Walking is a means of increasing activity and will burn a moderate amount of extra calories, but it's generally harder to add 500 calories of activity to your energy balance than it is to take 500 calories of input from it.

    Most do well with some combination of the two, with intake being the primary mover.
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