People who don’t get fitness

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What do your friends or partners who hate fitness have to say about your lifestyle. We all encourage each other here but how has someone responded negatively?


  • _Miss_Chievous
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    My boyfriend is a little on the fluffy side (I like him like that) and he brings me snacks all the time. I like snacks. No regrets 😋
  • Motorsheen
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    I was training for a marathon and had a long run scheduled

    there was a raging blizzard outside

    my thought: "It's still there....." *shrug

    go I threw on a layer of Goretex and headed out...

    As I'm leaving, I hear: "Are you *&^%$ Crazy?!?"
  • I don’t allow those in my mix too closely as what surround yourself with sticks.
  • LyndaBSS
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    Your vibe attracts your tribe. 💚
  • sardelsa
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    I actually don't like hanging out with people who are into fitness like I am. Don't get me wrong I love all my friends on here, but when I go out with people the last thing I want to talk about is the gym or eating/diets. Blah.
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    No friends , no problem!
  • kam26001
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    Fitness seems to be more en vogue now. Those same people who once saw me as a pariah are now asking me when the next hike is scheduled, or which of the local gyms has the tightest buns. (j/k)

    You can say what you want about social media and "fitspo" but it's nice to see more people hiking or doing yoga and taking a zillion selfies than to not do those activities at all. Negative attitudes towards fitness is just not a thing I experience personally anymore. Who doesn't enjoy a nice stroll at least?!
  • _sw33tp3a_11
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    "How many grains of rice are you eating today?"

    Yeah, I've heard that one many times.
    I've learned long ago to do this for myself and anyone who doesn't support me can *kitten* off. Or if that doesn't work I'm just gonna feed ya until you gain all the weight 😁
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    "You're crazy"
    Hmmmm..... I wonder if that's actually about my fitness routine
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    Hasn’t really happened yet....
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    LyndaBSS wrote: »
    Your vibe attracts your tribe. 💚

    That explains all the cats. :laugh:
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    I am around people everyday that dont get fitness. Its pretty much my job to help them get it. The ironic thing is, the better i do my job the less they need me. My success story with them is attained when they fire me for services no longer needed!
  • Motorsheen
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    jjpptt2 wrote: »

    At our gym, the young lady behind the desk told me: "Bring in a Friend and They can Train for Free !!"

    I replied: " All of My Friends Are Dead; Don't you Remember Vietnam ? "

    ... which is silly, because I can barely remember Vietnam (or much of anything else).