Why do you love your body? How do you show love and gratitude for it?

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Just a little prompt to cultivate body positivity and self love of anyone feels like responding :smile:


  • peachvine29
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    I’ll start.

    I love my body because it allows me to experience life in the physical form; I’m currently sitting in a park at a picnic table, and can feel the late summer air, light breeze, and hear the nearby birds and insects.

    I show my body love by giving it nourishing movement; most recently I went to an outdoors yin yoga class with my best friend, and came out of the session feeling peaceful, balanced, and present.
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    A lot of the reasons I love my body are related to scary health stuff, honestly. I have known so many people (young and old) with serious physical disabilities or chronic illness...fatal diseases, and so on. I've had some scares myself like almost having my leg amputated due to poisonous spider bites. With each of these things, I feel very lucky and grateful to be able to see, to walk, to move freely around the world and feel relatively good. I am thrilled with my body's abilities.

    When I see people who HATE their bodies because of excess weight or are very angry that they have some perceived flaw like a flat chest, hip dips, cellulite, whatever...it is hard for me to understand a true hatred of one's physical form due to a reason like that. There are parts of my own body I am not crazy about like my upper belly flab. But I love my body, absolutely.

    I know I could also be more grateful and kinder to my body. I try to eat well, get plenty of rest & plenty of movement...go to the doctor, dentist, etc. I have gotten a lot better with those things as I've hit my thirties and now early forties. But there is definitely room for improvement.
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    I recently turned 46. I love my body because it's so healthy and I'm very much alive. I know many who didn't make it to this age and Im thankful I have. I love my body for that.