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Apple body shape Pl Help

adchakadchak Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
Those of you that have managed to lose weight on an apple shaped body, pl pl pl share your diet/food plans, calories, macro consumptiom. Im a female 44 years 5ft 7 190 lbs lost 23 lbs last yr and went down to 180 and gained 10 back this yr. im super sensitive to wt gain the minute I eat the good food while on vacation, a drink here n there, pasta etc. so i watch n log everythg i eat. Try and do 1300 cals 100+ gms of protein, 80 gms carb rest fat. Thats how i lost wt last yr. but this yr its harder, wt isnt budging that quickly and im impatient
How I wish I hadnt put on thise 10 lbs in the last 4-5 months ughhh!


  • apullumapullum Posts: 4,191Member Member Posts: 4,191Member Member
    In order to lose weight, the only thing required is ensuring that you're consistently in a calorie deficit. Because you say you're "trying" to eat a certain number of calories, that implies you aren't consistently in a calorie deficit. In addition, you don't mention weighing your food, which suggests that you aren't using a food scale. Most people who don't use a food scale are eating more than they think they are.

    Get a food scale. Weigh ALL your food. Consistently hit your calorie goal without going over it.
  • adchakadchak Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    So i have been logging, weighing my food the same way as last year when I did lose 20 lbs. the change has been in my macros. I went from 80 gms carbs to 130 gms earlier this yr, proteinfrom 100 gms to 70 gms rest fat. I switched to more plant basedeating. I used to donstrength training 1-2 times a week but got so bored after years n years of doing it that I stopped. Now i do barre classes ( these are isometric movements allover body) my body shape has changed and I lost fat deposits on my neck area, back area for the first time somethg Strength training n cardio couldnt do for me for yrs. also I lovebarre so like going for the classes.
    I am now back to 100 gms of protein, keeping carbs80 gms pr so. Total calories coming in between 1300-1400.
    Been doing this for a week so its early. One thing I learnt my body does not process carbs well even if its clean carbs. I dont do any grains or processed crap. Mainly green veggies n fruit in my smoothie. I carry all my excess weight in my belly area. My bottom half is skinny (size 10 by hip measurement)
    But chest andwaist is more like size 14/16.
    Any tips ppl can provid to help is very much appreciated!
  • TeaBeaTeaBea Posts: 14,032Member Member Posts: 14,032Member Member
    Macros are personal preferences for satiety, health and fitness goals. The "perfect" macros don't do anything for weight loss.

    As apullum stated in her post, weight loss is always about calories.

    You cannot spot reduce despite all the internet woo that's out there. Where you lose weight is dictated largely by genetics. I'm a pear shape and always lose weight last from my hips & thighs.

    "Clean" foods (whatever your definition) is another meaningless weight loss term Eat "clean" if it helps you eat less calories.

    Check out the flow chart in this post:
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  • adchakadchak Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    I forgot to mention that I did a BMR test where u breathe into a machine tube for 20-25 mins it calculates your BMR minecame out to be 1800 cals i had abt 100 lbs of muscle on me then, now i have ard 80 lbs muscle as per the same scale at the nutritionist’s office. My BMR is probably lower now. But Im eating 1200- 1300 on an avg so I do think theres a calorie deficit happening! However I have noticed just a calorie deficit doesnt mean wt loss in my case my macros carbs to protein make a difference. Im sure everyone is different so generally the CICO works but what kind of calorie youre consuming makes a difference.
  • cupcakesandproteinshakescupcakesandproteinshakes Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    If you aren’t losing weight you aren’t in a deficit. It’s as simple as that. So you’re eating more than you think. You would definitely be losing if you were only eating 1200 to 1300 a day.
  • mph323mph323 Posts: 3,320Member Member Posts: 3,320Member Member
    I'm extremely apple shaped (also in my late 60's and sedentary during most of my weight loss), but I managed to lose 50 pounds a couple of years ago by maintaining a calorie deficit. The shape of one's body may dictate where weight comes off first, but the only way to lose weight with any type of body is to eat fewer calories than one expends.

    During most of my weight loss phase I was under tremendous stress, had a 4 hour daily commute and basically lived on protein bars and frozen meals. I lost weight at the expected rate. Toward the end of that time I retired, became more active and started eating a more nutritious diet. I still lost at the expected rate.

    What one eats can make a noticeable difference in energy levels and general health, but barring medical issues a calorie deficit will result in weight loss regardless of one's diet.
  • adchakadchak Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    Thanks everyone for all the feedback!
    I am happy to report that after tweaking my macros, food the scale has finally budged! I was beginning to give up. Its not much, maybe .5-1 lb but its still progress. I am keeping a close eye on my calories and macros. Maybe I just track better with carbs ard 80 gms, protein 100 gms, not sure but hopefully I’m on the road to again losing wt!!!
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  • mph323mph323 Posts: 3,320Member Member Posts: 3,320Member Member
    Yay! Good luck!
  • rainbowblurainbowblu Posts: 104Member Member Posts: 104Member Member
    I have a Apple shape..My body type is like yours...Size 8-10 pants and 12-14 tops....,no hips or bum..All belly and boobs and upper back fat. I've tried various plans,most of them worked..But,my belly fat comes off fastest,when I eat low carb..I've kept off 110 pounds over the last 3 years..Still have 30lbs to go,but I've become lazy. Good luck! And keep on trying until you find what works for YOU!!!
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