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Needs must!

lucy9994lucy9994 Posts: 9Member, Premium Member Posts: 9Member, Premium Member
Im going to balance the scales today! Instead of MFP politely leaving daily positive messages such as “Lucy was under her calorie goal” or some other deed of food diet virtuosity I have a somewhat different message: “Today Lucy completely blew her calorie goal. She scoffed 3 rounds of toast and marmalade, with lashings of butter. Then she had the most mammoth portion of rather bland Pasta Bake courtesy of the National Dive Centre. Her tea consisted of half a packet of slightly soggy mint aero bubbles (coz someone’s wetsuit dripped on them) before hitting the Abergeveny food festival. There she downed at least two glasses of Prosecco with loads of lovely nibbly bits and dips followed by a double marmalade mule (marmalade vodka - it’s truly gorgeous it really is). A Chocolate brownie featured somewhere in the evening before finishing the day with the most amazing curry cooked by friend of friend who did Bake Off, so how could I refuse?. Then, seemed a shame to leave half a packet of aero bubbles - I mean they’d be even soggier in the morning - so I polished them off too before snuggling into bed. As I’ll be the bottom of Chepstow gravel pit again tomorrow, I intend to repeat this unique diet before and after I surface again. Sorry MFP but sometimes needs must!!


  • creationscrowncreationscrown Posts: 268Member Member Posts: 268Member Member
    Well, as far as success stories go, this is a successful “I don’t give a darn about healthy food choices and moderation!” Good job!
  • middlehaitchmiddlehaitch Posts: 8,100Member Member Posts: 8,100Member Member
    What an absolutely great day!

    How was the bake off participants curry, did they do a show stopping cake too?

    Enjoy today just as much.

    Nothing wrong with a couple of days of overfuelling :)

    What is it like diving in a gravel pit?

    Cheers, h.
  • d805d805 Posts: 103Member, Premium Member Posts: 103Member, Premium Member
    Sounds like an amazing day to me. Enjoy that fuel for your dive. :smile:
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