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A Different Sort of Success

born_of_fire74born_of_fire74 Posts: 766Member Member Posts: 766Member Member
I’ve been seeing my hairdresser for years now so we talk about pretty much everything. It’s been a little while that’s she’s been unhappy with her weight. She was also told she has some food allergies so she’s tried a few different things, some of them pretty wacky including the blood type diet, with limited success. The last time I saw her before today, at the end of July, she had just discovered Lose It—the calorie tracking app—and was starting to get the hang of things with it. She wasn’t using a food scale though so I urged her to do so and to weigh everything.

Well, she took my suggestion to heart and she’s down 12lbs in two months. Today, she thanked me for stressing how important the scale was and said it totally changed her life! I’m so happy to hear this! Like most beginners, she was shocked to discover how much she actually eating when she started weighing it. Now she knows and it’s all under control. Yay me for offering good counsel but way more yay her for finally figuring it out!


  • solieco1solieco1 Posts: 1,277Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,277Member, Premium Member
    Yay you! When the student is ready the teacher will appear :)
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